Naue Asia achieves SAMM Testing Accreditation for Geosynthetics

Tensile test in Naue's laboratory Tensile test in Naue's laboratory


Naue Asia achieves SAMM Testing Accreditation for Geosynthetics, in Accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005

When the international geosynthetics manufacturer Naue GmbH & Co. KG founded NAUE Asia Sdn. Bhd. (NASB) in Malaysia in 2011, it did so to serve infrastructure markets in Asia and Oceania—and to do so with the same high-quality standards it employs at its renowned facilities in Germany. Now, the Naue Asia testing laboratory has achieved SAMM testing accreditation for geosynthetics, in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

An accreditation through SAMM in accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 confirms that the approved Naue Asia facility fulfills its duties in a competent way and according to the rules. These qualifications enable the lab to serve external clients too.

“With this accreditation, we document more than the strict quality standards that we fulfill with Naue Asia products,” says Wee Hunn Gan, Naue Asia´s QC manager.

Gerhard Werner, Naue Asia´s managing director adds: “We also document how we test on an independent, non-biased level, so that we can be considered as an independent lab. It allows our lab to accept external orders for geotextile testing and ensures client data confidentiality.”

The testing accreditation is overseen by Standards Malaysia.

Tests approved under the SAMM accreditation include Mass Per Unit Area (ISO 9864 / ASTM D5261), Thickness (ISO 9863-1 / ASTM D5199), Wide-Width Tensile Strength and Elongation (ISO 10319 / ASTM D4595), Tensile Test Joint/Seam (ISO 10321 / ASTM D4884), CBR Static Puncture (ISO 12236 / ASTM D6241), Water Permeability Normal to Plane (ISO 11058 / ASTM D4491), Grab Breaking Load, and Elongation (ASTM D4632) and Trapezoid Tearing Strength (ASTM D4533).

Naue’s primary manufacturing focus in the Selangor, Malaysia plant is the Secutex® line of nonwoven geotextiles and Bentofix® geosynthetic clay liner series. The company’s nonwoven geotextiles encapsulate and are needle-punched to the high-swelling, powdered sodium bentonite core of Bentofix®, giving the GCLs exceptional durability and frictional characteristics for long-term barrier performance.

In addition to their use with GCL manufacturing, Naue’s Secutex nonwoven geotextiles are used for soil separation, filtration and cushioning/protection applications. They are also used to create sand-filled Soft Rock bags, containers and tubes for coastal protection work, beach renourishment, dune protection, offshore wind turbine scour protection, and much more.

About Naue

Naue is a specialist full-service geosynthetic manufacturer based in Germany with subsidiaries (such as Naue Asia) and offices throughout the world that has operated successfully since 1967. Naue is an acknowledged supplier of successful ground engineering solutions across a host of applications and is backed by a research facility and a design team focused on addressing client needs.

Naue's business is:

  • “Geotechnics with geosynthetics”: Material science, engineering and innovation for construction applications
  • Improving ground conditions to a specified operational capability and performance through the application of polymeric materials
  • Manufacturing geosynthetics to recognised quality standards, including ASTM, ISO and CE
  • Providing safer alternative solutions that meet regional regulations
  • Supplying a range of fully integrated systems where the components operate in a co-ordinated Naue design
  • Designing geotechnical solutions in conjunction with our clients, bringing our experience and expertise to the project at an inclusive cost
  • Supplying a range of products that deliver cost-effective, quality-assured performance
  • Supporting sustainability objectives by means of technical excellence

Source: Naue GmbH & Co. KG

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