First Use in Toronto: Bauer BG 46 demonstrates top Performance

The Canadian Bauer Maschinen client Deep Foundations Contractors Inc. is carrying out the foundation work for the Parkside Square project in Toronto and in order to install the 28 m deep secant pile wall and 20 m deep single piles has opted for the latest equipment technology from Bauer: the Bauer BG 46, the most powerful rotary drilling rig currently on the market.


Bauer Renewables Ltd. involved in Foundation of Offshore Wind Farm off Scotland


In the long term, wind energy is the most important and economic renewable energy source in the field of electricity. Many offshore wind farms that are planned or currently under construction are located in the North and Baltic Seas, such as the Beatrice Offshore Windfarm Ltd (BOWL) project off the northeastern coast of Scotland. From 2019, 84 turbines will generate 588 megawatts of electricity over an area of around 130 square kilometers – enough electricity to supply 450,000 homes. Bauer Renewables Ltd., a subsidiary of Bauer Spezialtiefbau GmbH, will be involved in the foundation work with an underwater drilling rig specially designed for use on the high seas in order to relief drill the foundation piles.


Bauer Spezialtiefbau GmbH improves Ground for a new German Highway Section

Germany has one of the longest highway networks in the world, coming in after China, the USA and Spain. According to the German Federal Statistical Office, it comprises almost 13,000 kilometers, and continues to be extended. The expansion and new construction of the German highway network is particularly important in view of eliminating traffic bottlenecks and opening up, or rather connecting, structurally weak regions – eventually, economic growth also means traffic and mobility growth. Several new road sections are currently under construction, including section 5.1 of the federal highway A 72 in the district of Leipzig, where Bauer Spezialtiefbau GmbH is also involved in a joint venture.


Firmenverschmelzung bei Bauer Resources: Mit neuer Organisation gestärkt in die Zukunft

Anfang Dezember wurden die Firmen Bauer Umwelt GmbH, Bauer Water GmbH und Bauer Resources GmbH zu einer Firma zusammengefasst. „Das positive Wachstum unseres Umweltgeschäfts und die sich daraus ergebenden Anforderungen zeigen, dass die bisherige Aufstellung mit mehreren Firmen für die Zukunft nicht mehr passend war“, so Bauer Resources-Geschäftsführer Johann Mesch. „Durch das Zusammenführen der Bauer Resources GmbH, Bauer Umwelt GmbH und Bauer Water GmbH werden sich viele administrative Vereinfachungen bei der Abwicklung von Projekten ergeben, sodass wir nun mit gebündelter Kompetenz ein noch stärkerer Projektpartner sein werden.“


Bauer beginnt Großlochbohrungen beim Projekt Sanierung Kesslergrube

Im Juli 2015 erhielt die Bauer Resources GmbH von der Roche Pharma AG den Auftrag zur Sanierung von Perimeter 1/3-NW der Altablagerung Kesslergrube. Zentrale Aufgabe der Bauer Umwelt GmbH – der auf Altlastensanierung spezialisierten Tochterfirma der Bauer Resources GmbH – sind der Aushub und die Abfüllung von rund 280.000 Tonnen Erdreich in Spezialsicherheitscontainer sowie deren Abtransport. Das belastete Aushubmaterial wird anschließend der thermischen Behandlung zugeführt. „Die Sanierung Kesslergrube ist der größte Einzelauftrag in der Geschichte der Bauer Gruppe“, erklärt Gesamtprojektleiter Dr. Stefan Haaszio. Die Leitung für dieses Projekt zu übernehmen sei „eine einmalige Erfahrung und eine tolle Chance“, denn Projekte in dieser Größenordnung seien sehr selten.


Successful Mine Rescue in China using Bauer Technology


Photo: On January 29, four miners were eventually saved through a vertical emergency shaft drilled by the PRAKLA RB-T 90 deep drilling rig. © Bauer Gruppe

For 36 days, hundreds of rescue workers fought for the lives of numerous buried miners in a gypsum mine in the Shandong province of eastern China. On January 29, four of them were eventually saved through a vertical emergency shaft, not least thanks to the drilling rigs from Bauer Maschinen Group that were in operation.


New Generation of Bauer Rotary Drilling Rigs


Photo: The medium-sized platform series includes the Bauer BG 26 and the Bauer BG 30. The core element is the common base unit BT, which was completely designed and constructed by Bauer. © Bauer Group

New Generation of Bauer Rotary Drilling Rigs: The Medium-sized Platform Range of the ValueLine

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