Bauer Spezialtiefbau GmbH improves Ground for a new German Highway Section

Germany has one of the longest highway networks in the world, coming in after China, the USA and Spain. According to the German Federal Statistical Office, it comprises almost 13,000 kilometers, and continues to be extended. The expansion and new construction of the German highway network is particularly important in view of eliminating traffic bottlenecks and opening up, or rather connecting, structurally weak regions – eventually, economic growth also means traffic and mobility growth. Several new road sections are currently under construction, including section 5.1 of the federal highway A 72 in the district of Leipzig, where Bauer Spezialtiefbau GmbH is also involved in a joint venture.


Vinci officially inaugurates the Hallandsås Tunnels in Sweden

Vinci officially inaugurates the Hallandsås tunnels, Sweden’s most challenging railway project:

  • Vinci Construction Grands Projets and its Swedish partner Skanska succeeded in building the tunnels through the “impenetrable mountain”
  • Sweden’s longest railway tunnels were built using Vinci Construction Grands Projets’ transport infrastructure expertise
  • A major goal of the project is to open up the economy of the western part of Sweden
  • 10 years of works, for a €850 million investment

Nominated for the Bauma Innovation Award: Pipe Express from Herrenknecht.

Pipe Express® the Herrenknecht AG

With Pipe Express® the Herrenknecht AG has developed a new semi-trenchless method for installing pipelines. In comparison with the open construction method, routes are considerably narrower, no groundwater lowering is necessary and there is less impact on nature. This has a very positive effect on the grid operators' construction costs. Because of the especially ecological and cost-efficient working method, the development of this new system is subsidized by the German Environment Ministry. An expert jury has now nominated Pipe Express® for the bauma Innovation Award 2013.

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