Baugewerbe: Keine Privatisierung von Autobahnen!

  • Keine Maut für die Versicherungen
  • Vorrang für regionale, konventionelle Vergabe
  • Keine neue Mammutbehörde
Nach Medienberichten soll von Seiten des Bundesfinanzministeriums eine Privatisierung des Autobahnnetzes geplant sein. Dazu sagt ZDB-Präsident Dr.-Ing. Hans-Hartwig Loewenstein: „Wir brauchen keine Privatisierung des Autobahnnetzes und kein ÖPP im Bundesfernstraßenbau. Die Steuerzahler und der Mittelstand sind nicht die Retter der Versicherungsgesellschaften und Banken, unsere Aussage ist: Keine Maut für die Versicherungen.

Vinci becomes a Road Concessionaire in Peru

  • Acquisition of Lamsac, concessionaire of the Linea Amarilla highway in Lima, Peru, and PEX, which operates the associated electronic toll collection system.
  • Concession for construction, operation and maintenance of a 25km-toll road in the center of Lima, Peru
  • Transaction amount as of 31 December 2015: PEN 5.5 billion, around EUR 1.5 billion
  • Total traffic: 134,000 vehicles / day in 2015, concession running until November 2049

Consortium TramContractors reaches financial Close on Antwerp Tramline PPP Project

The Flemish public transport operator De Lijn, the Flemish Roads and Traffics Agency, - and the City of Antwerp have granted in coordination with the Beheersmaatschappij Antwerpen Mobiel the contract for the construction of the PPP tram project Northern line, to the consortium TramContractors. Partners in this consortium are BAM-PGGM and Cofely Fabricom (ENGIE). The contract value is approximately €200 million.


VINCI signs a P3 Contract for the Regina Bypass Project in the Province of Saskatchewan$file/Regina845.jpgRegina Bypass Partners, a (37.5%) subsidiary of VINCI Concessions, in partnership with Parsons Enterprises (25%), Connor Clark & Lunn GVest fund (25%) and Gracorp Capital (12.5%) has signed with the Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure a Public-Private Partnership contract with a term of 30 years for the completion and operation of the highway bypass of Regina, the capital city of the province of Saskatchewan in Canada.


BAM Group: Rijkswaterstaat announces Intention to award Construction of a new Sea Lock in the Netherlands

After a lifetime of almost 100 years, the Northern lock in IJmuiden needs replacement. Rijkswaterstaat (the Dutch Highways and Waterways Agency) intends to award the construction of the new IJmuiden sea lock, which is located at the entrance to the North Sea Canal, to the Consortium OpenIJ. After contract close, this consortium, consisting of BAM, Volker Wessels and DIF will be responsible for design, construction, financing and maintenance of the new lock for a period of 26 years.


BAM joins Dutch Platform ‘Professionals in PPP’

BAM has joined the newly established platform ‘Professionals in PPP’ in the Netherlands. On behalf of BAM, COO Erik Bax recently signed the declaration of participation at the offices of the Rijksvastgoedbedrijf (National Real Estate Agency) in The Hague. Through this platform, government and industry have committed to further develop their collaboration in PPP projects, especially in the operational phase.

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