Porr to build another Gas Pipeline in Poland

A consortium consisting of Porr S.A. and Denys NV has been hired by Gaz-System S.A. to build the high-pressure gas pipeline Tworóg-Tworzeń. The pipeline is already the second project that Porr is building for the Polish gas transport operator. The new pipeline aims to improve the transport of natural gas in the Voivodeship of Opole and the Silesia region. The tender is worth around EUR 68m (PLN 290m).


Porr to build Bypass in Poland for Nowe Miasto Lubawskie

Construction works on the bypass for Nowe Miasto Lubawskie in the Voivodeship Ermland-Masuren will begin already this year. On 2 February 2018 the contract for this construction project was signed by representatives of the General Directorate for National Roads and Highways (GDNRH) and Porr. The tender is worth around EUR 62.5m (PLN 259m).


Change in Management at KGHM International Ltd.

On 3 October 2016 the Board of Directors of KGHM International Ltd. appointed Robert J. MacDonald, current Chief Financial Officer of the company, to the position of Acting President and Chief Executive Officer till the President and Chief Executive Officer is appointed by the Board of Directors of KGHM International Ltd.


Sustainable Rock Excavation in Poland


Photo: Kopalnia Piaskowca - Wolimex - Męcinka uses a heavy excavator for rock excavation and Atlas Copco HB 4700 DP breakers for size reduction and primary breaking on tough rock formations.

The Malopolska region in South-East Poland has been nominated as a European Entrepreneurial Region (EER) for 2016. The award is granted to the regions which present the most future-oriented "visions of entrepreneurial development", and the same spirit can be felt in the various sandstone quarries hosted by the region. Using blast-free quarrying these dimension and crushed stone producers are achieving higher efficiency with less impact on the environment and surrounding villages, i. e., Sustainable Productivity!


Over 1,200 km of new Gas Pipelines in Poland

For the last 6 years, ILF Consulting Engineers has been involved in an investment program of Gaz-System S.A., which was finished in October 2015. The ambition of Gaz-System was the construction of more than 1,200 km of new gas pipelines in Poland.


Metrostav signs Contract to build S7 Expressway in Poland

An agreement for the construction of a 20-kilometer section of the S7 Expressway near Gdansk, Poland worth CZK 9 billion has been signed by Metrostav and GDDKiA, the Polish authority responsible for managing roads and motorways. The largest Czech construction company has been awarded the contract thanks to offering the best terms in a call for bids that included nine other bidders. Metrostav's bid was the best as regards price, warranty terms and completion date – with expected completion of the work by October 2018.


Warsaw praises Metrostav Construction Workers

By delivering a modernized section of the S8 thoroughfare and the General Stefan Grot-Rowecki Bridge over the Visla River in Warsaw to the project investor, Czech construction workers have completed a challenging project worth approximately five billion crowns that has lasted 26 months. The opening of the facilities for full operation has been welcomed by both drivers and inhabitants of the central area of the Polish capital city.


KGHM Resources and Reserves Report

The KGHM Group has access to some of the largest copper resources in the world. This is the key to the company’s long-term development and competitive advantage. KGHM has presented the first edition of its Resources and Reserves Report, which consolidates and systemizes knowledge about the resources and reserves controlled by KGHM.


Bilfinger sells Infrastructure Division to Porr

The engineering and services group Bilfinger has now sold its Infrastructure division, which was put up for sale in May 2014, to Austrian construction company Porr. The Warsaw-based company specializes in civil engineering, employs 800 people and is primarily active in Poland. An output volume of approximately €170 million is planned for the current year. The transaction is subject to approval from the Polish antitrust authorities.


The Global KGHM Group: one Brand and shared Values

As a result of its international development and new strategy, KGHM has integrated its Group under a new joint corporate identity. The traditional brand of Poland’s copper mining industry, with the revamped KGHM logo, encompasses all of the company’s production-related operations and mining projects. As a part of this process, the new corporate website was launched.


New Strategy of KGHM

A global resources company created by people with passion and skill – this is the mission of KGHM Polska Miedź for the years 2015–2020 with our outlook to the year 2040. International expansion has enabled the company to become one of the world’s major copper producers. Further technological development and the optimum management of assets will allow KGHM to become one of the world’s top seven producers of copper. KGHM will likewise continue to build shareholder value over the long term.


2015: A pivotal Year for Polish Shale

In order to ensure a more conducive environment for the Polish shale gas industry the Treasury Ministry is currently finalising a proposal to simplify administrative procedures for the exploration of both conventional and unconventional energy resources.

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