Tunnel Breakthrough in the Heart of the German Capital

Breakthrough! Implenia closes the gap between the U55 and the existing U5 line in Berlin. (Picture: Antonio Reetz-Graudenz) Breakthrough! Implenia closes the gap between the U55 and the existing U5 line in Berlin. (Picture: Antonio Reetz-Graudenz)


Implenia connects Berlin’s new U5 tunnel to the existing underground station at the Brandenburg Gate.

The U5 underground railway line is one of Implenia’s most important current infrastructure projects in the European market. A real breakthrough was made today on this section of the U-Bahn in central Berlin when Implenia workers broke through the final concrete wall separating the Brandenburger Tor station from the new U5 tunnel they have built. The breakthrough was made in the presence of Berlin’s mayor Michael Müller, Dr. Sigrid Evelyn Nikutta, Chairwoman of the Management Board and Director of Operations at Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG), Ute Bonde and Jörg Seegers, the Managing Directors of Projektrealisierungs GmbH U5, and Stefan Roth, Head of Implenia Germany and Austria. The new tunnel connects the U55 line (which runs between Berlin’s main railway central station and Brandenburger Tor) with the existing U5 line (between Alexanderplatz and Hönow).

Commissioned by the BVG and led by Projektrealisierungs GmbH, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the BVG, Implenia has been working on the new U5 since 2011. The project includes the extension of the existing U5 from Alexanderplatz to Brandenburger Tor, and the link-up – achieved today – with the U55 line. This stage includes the “tunnel shell construction” sub-project, which began in 2013 when the “Bärlinde” tunnel boring machine was brought into action. The machine drilled two 1.6 kilometre tunnels, one after the other, and lined them with 2,147 tubbing rings. Aided by “Bärlinde”, Implenia’s tunnelling team advanced at a rate of 20 metres a day, which is very good progress given the challenging geological conditions beneath central Berlin. Work on laying the tracks in the new tunnels will begin in a few weeks. Passengers will be able to travel along the whole 22 kilometre section between Hönow and the Hauptbahnhof in 2020, by which time the three new U-Bahn stations will be also be ready: Rotes Rathaus, Museumsinsel and the Unter den Linden interchange. Implenia is also building the latter two stations.

Source: Implenia

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