Breaking through to speed Millions of Rail Journeys in Norway

After 21 months of tunneling through Norwegian rock, success was just 1.5 meters away, through a final rock face. On August 29, our Ulriken Tunnel team crossed that final distance and became stars, if just for a day. Join them as they complete this major effort to eliminate a bottleneck on a busy rail line to the country’s capital.


Robbins Slurry TBM ramps up for Mumbai Metro Line 3


The first of two Slurry TBMs, a rebuilt 6.65 m (21.8 ft) diameter machine, passed its factory acceptance on September 4, 2017 in Singapore. The machine, fitted with a Robbins cutterhead and outer shields, is destined for the Mumbai Metro Line 3 under contract UGC03 for the Dogus-Soma JV (DSJV), and will begin excavation in late 2017. The factory acceptance for a second 6.65 m (21.8 ft) diameter Slurry TBM will be conducted by the end of 2017.


Final double Breakthrough at the Emscher Sewer in Germany


With the breakthrough of the last two tunnel boring machines into the target pit in Oberhausen-Biefang on June 12, 2017 the tunnel and pipe jacking work for the Emscher sewer has been completed. Over a period of 25 years numerous Herrenknecht tunnelling machines and a wide range of additional equipment were successfully used in the Europe-wide unique environmental and sewage project of Emschergenossenschaft.


Herrenknecht Tunnel Borers continue Success Story in L.A.


Los Angeles is a vibrant center of international film art and innovation – not just on the surface. The area below ground is the scene of state-of-the-art engineering achievements. German high-tech machines from Herrenknecht are creating underground arteries for the American city. Tunnel boring machine (TBM) »Harriet« successfully completed her drive for the Crenshaw/LAX Transit Project in April 2017.


Finaler Doppeldurchbruch am Abwasserkanal Emscher


Mit dem Durchbruch der beiden letzten Tunnelbohrmaschinen in die Zielgrube in Oberhausen-Biefang sind seit dem 12. Juni 2017 die Tunnel- und Rohrvortriebsarbeiten für den Abwasserkanal Emscher (AKE) abgeschlossen. In dem europaweit einzigartigen Umwelt- und Abwasserprojekt der Emschergenossenschaft waren über einen Zeitraum von 25 Jahren eine Vielzahl von Herrenknecht-Vortriebsmaschinen sowie umfangreiches Zusatzequipment erfolgreich im Einsatz.


Herrenknecht TBM constructs large Road Tunnel in Switzerland


The shell of the Belchen rehabilitation tunnel has been completed. Tunnelling ended successfully in Eptingen in the Swiss canton of Basel-Country on June 21, 2017, three months ahead of schedule.

The tunnel boring machine (TBM) (diameter 13.91 m) designed and manufactured specifically for this purpose at the Herrenknecht plant in Schwanau, Germany, excavated 3.2 km of tunnel through complex geology in only 16 months. The new structure is the prerequisite for rapid and economic rehabilitation of the two existing parallel road tunnel tubes.


Durchbruch Sanierungstunnel Belchen in der Schweiz

Mit der grössten je in der Schweiz eingesetzten Tunnelbohrmaschine, mit einem Bohrkopfdurchmesser von 13,97 m, erfolgte nach 72 Wochen Vortrieb am Mittwoch den 21. Juni, um 14.43 Uhr, der Durchstich der 3.200 m lan­gen Tunnelröhre auf der Portalseite Eptingen auf Baselbieter Boden. Trotz einiger geologischer Hürden konnte der Vortrieb über drei Monate früher als vorgesehen abgeschlossen werden.


Robbins TBM “Rosie” is First Crossover TBM in the U.S.

A Robbins Crossover (XRE) TBM measuring 9.26 m (30.4 ft) in diameter underwent factory acceptance on May 30, 2016. The gargantuan machine was initially unveiled at Robbins’ Solon, Ohio headquarters during a press day on May 25 before being shipped 40 km (25 mi) south for construction of the Ohio Canal Interceptor Tunnel (OCIT) in Akron. Those present included Akron Mayor Daniel Horrigan, Robbins chief engineer Dennis Ofiara, and David Chastka, project engineer for contractor Kenny-Obayashi JV.

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