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20.04.2021 (597 Clicks)

Strabag awarded major Motorway Contract in Poland

  • 18.75 km section of the A2 between Siedlce West and Malinowiec
  • Contract value: €153 million
  • Completion: end of 2024

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20.04.2021 (395 Clicks)

Overcoming Obstacles to find Opportunities in Climate Change

Climate change is one of the world’s toughest problems. On one side is how the drivers of greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions – whether they’re policy changes, technological advancements, or shifting access to capital – will affect our economic performance. The second is that, if these drivers aren’t successful in delivering the required level of emission reductions, we’re going to have increasingly erratic weather, which can also negatively affect the economy.


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19.04.2021 (419 Clicks)

LKAB: Tests for heavier Transports on the Ore Railway

Trafikverket (the Swedish Transport Administration), together with LKAB and Bane Nor, is conducting tests on the Swedish and Norwegian sections of the Ore Railway to enable heavier transports in future. Therefore, the axle load for ore cars is being increased from 30 tonnes to 31 tonnes.


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19.04.2021 (583 Clicks)

Petropavlovsk announces the Appointment of Mr. Mikhail Irzhevsky as a Director

The board of directors of Petropavlovsk PLC announces the appointment of Mr. Mikhail Irzhevsky as an independent non-executive director with effect from 16 April 2021. 


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16.04.2021 (642 Clicks)

H.C. Starck Tungsten Powders develops new Technology to recycle Cobalt

Innovation project subsidized by the German state of Lower Saxony


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16.04.2021 (391 Clicks)

Fugro’s Vulnerability Assessment informs Port of San Francisco’s safe and sustainable Future

Fugro has completed a geotechnical site characterisation, earthquake hazard and geotechnical vulnerability assessment for the Port of San Francisco’s multi-year, multi-billion dollar Waterfront Resilience Program. The work was conducted over a period of 3 years as part of a multi-hazard risk assessment (MHRA) to identify immediate and long-term hazards, such as those associated with earthquakes, flooding and sea-level rise. As the port’s lead geotechnical engineer for future programme phases, Fugro will use the MHRA inputs to develop and design optimal retrofit solutions for the port’s ageing seawall.


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15.04.2021 (365 Clicks)

How can the EU ensure its Green Deal is a Real Deal for Nature and People?

As the EU looks forward to the recovery from Covid 19, so too must it look to ensuring full alignment of all policies with the European Green Deal. But it is not all down to the EU Commission, the Member States must rise to the challenge to achieve a truly green recovery.

Our economic system desperately needs a transformation and the European Green Deal might just be the ticket to success. It underlines that all aspects of our lives are dependent on healthy ecosystems and recognises how narrow sectorial approaches have been unable to address the current planetary emergency.  

EU Commission President von der Leyen sent a strong message about the importance of intensified holistic action to preserve nature at the World Economic Forum, where she called for an ambitious Paris-style agreement for biodiversity. The EU must be a leader in this and ensure a post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework in line with the vision of the European Green Deal and vice versa.

Nonetheless, for the Green Deal to become a true game-changer, its ownership, solid implementing regulations, sufficient and targeted resource mobilisation for nature-based solutions and a strong assessment of the possible undesired effects outside of the EU need to be ensured.  

The various sectors of society need to assume ownership of the Green Deal and understand the benefits of being part of it – this will be key to reaching ‘a just transition for all’, one of the headline objectives. Convening stakeholders and creating a space for dialogue, something that the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) systematically ensures in the context of its work, is critical to meeting this need. Discussions should be supported by science-based knowledge which IUCN provides, in particular through its renowned European Red Lists of Species, reports on various key environmental issues, and recently, the IUCN Global Standard on Nature-based Solutions (NbS).

Legislative powers must be given to the Green Deal to ensure proper implementation with the full support from the EU Member States – fundamental instruments of implementation. Without their backing, the Green Deal risks becoming the umpteenth paper tiger of environmental policy. There are signs that Europe is moving in the right direction through the EU Nature Restoration Plan encompassed in the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030 and the call by MEPs for binding 2030 targets for materials use and consumption footprint.  

Although developing agreed and legally-binding national targets for the protection and restoration of nature is key, legislative processes take time. EU Member States can and should already pledge at national level to move beyond ‘business as usual’ in order to rise up to the promises in the High Ambition Coalition for Nature and People, the Leaders Pledge for Nature and the #UnitedforBiodiversity coalition promoted by the EU and signed up to by a majority of EU countries.

National pledges must be clear and include four key cornerstones: increase well-managed protected areas, restore degraded ecosystems, move species off the Red List and invest more resources in nature recovery. So far, we have not seen many pledges for nature or a real ambition through a coalition of willing Member States, as we have seen with climate change. However, this is still possible in the run-up to the IUCN World Conservation Congress in September and the Convention on Biological Diversity (COP 15) in October. The Bonn Challenge – to restore 350mn hectares of degraded ecosystems by 2030 – also has an important role to bring about action in the short term, but not a single Member State has provided a pledge here yet. 

As always, the buck stops where the money stops. The EU will have to increase the mobilisation of private and public funding for NbS considerably, while the new sustainable finance regulation should fully embrace the investments in nature and immediately halt biodiversity-harming subsidies. Bringing the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) in line with the Green Deal is a clear credibility test for the EU and we still need to see this happen. Moreover, natural capital accounting practices must be mainstreamed in the financial sector and the Commission has taken a good first step by its foreseen proposal to include a new module on natural capital accounting in EU legislation, fully consistent with the recently launched UN framework. The IUCN Global Standard on NbS offers great opportunities to create a level playing field for investing in and scaling up the necessary protection and restoration of nature, while providing social and economic benefits to society. NbS in Europe should be implemented according to this standard. 

Finally, the Green Deal will not be credible if the EU doesn’t sufficiently consider its impact beyond its borders. The export of nature destruction goes against the very principles on which the green transition is built. Trade agreements need to reflect this; the ecological footprint of Europeans, which impacts nature in third countries, needs to be reduced drastically. To assure a global just transition, the EU will also have to multiply its support to developing countries to allow a fair share of natural capital to all. 

The dramatic events of 2020 have caused the unleashing of an unprecedented amount of funding to rebuild our societies. It is our duty towards this and future generations to put nature at the core of all sustainable finance efforts.

Source: Luc Bas, Regional Director for Europe, IUCN

IUCN, European Union, Green Deal, Climate, NbS, global, standard, legislative, von der Leyen, corona, Luc Bas

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15.04.2021 (810 Clicks)

L.A. Metro Board awards Sepulveda Transit Corridor Partners

  • Bechtel innovative pre-development contract to create rail transit solution for one of the Nation’s most congested freeway corridors
  • $69.9 million contract to advance high-speed, high-capacity rail proposal to connect San Fernando Valley to West Los Angeles & relieve I-405

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14.04.2021 (466 Clicks)

Eiffage and Kier receive Notice to proceed for HS2, with their new partners, Ferrovial Agroman and BAM Nuttall

Eiffage and Kier receive Notice to Proceed for HS2, with their new partners, Ferrovial Agroman and BAM Nuttall

The Eiffage Kier joint venture, recently joined by two new partners Ferrovial Agroman and BAM Nuttall, is pleased that, it has received Notice to Proceed (NTP) from HS2 Limited, enabling it to commence the full detailed design and construction of 80km of Phase 1 of the HS2 railway (the route from London – Birmingham).

Throughout construction of the project, the partners will deliver Lots C2 and C3 of the HS2 high-speed railway. This 80km section runs between the Chilterns to Warwickshire and includes 15 viaducts, 5km of green tunnels, 22km of road diversions, 67 overbridges and 30 million cubic metres of excavation. The total value of the section, including the design and development work already completed is £2,269 million. Construction works are expected to start later in the year.

Since the commencement of the design and development phase in 2017, the joint venture has conducted scheme design and some ground investigation works. This includes the creation of our innovative ‘Heave Monitoring Site’ near Warwickshire to assess ground movement. The site has also been used to develop a platform that ties together data from a multitude of independent systems to present integrated, real-time reporting and insights, which will significantly reduce cost, environmental impact and improve the productivity and safety of operations.

Eiffage Kier has trained 300 new entrants to the construction and engineering industry through its Training Hub sponsored by the CITB Construction Skills Fund and delivered by Bucks College Group. The courses are completely free and give people the qualifications to build a successful new future in the world of civil engineering.

The appointment of BAM Nuttall and Ferrovial Agroman will further strengthen the JV (35% Eiffage; 35% Kier; 15% Ferrovial Agroman; 15% BAM Nuttall) and increase the capacity of skilled workers on the central section of the project. Ferrovial Agroman brings 60 years of rail experience, the last 30 of which include delivering high speed rail schemes around the world, including construction of 25% of the Spanish network and maintenance of 55%. Additionally, BAM Nuttall and Ferrovial Agroman offer in-depth working knowledge of the route as they are currently delivering the central section of the HS2 Enabling Works as two thirds of the Fusion joint venture

Andrew Davies, CEO at Kier, said: ‘We are pleased that the Government has confirmed NTP for the HS2 project, allowing us to progress onto the next phase of works in delivering this vital infrastructure project. We have been successfully delivering the design and development phase since 2017 and working with our new partners BAM Nuttall and Ferrovial Agroman alongside Eiffage we will collectively bring invaluable knowledge and expertise throughout delivery to play our part in the most sustainable high-speed railway of its kind.’

Benoît de Ruffray, Chairman and CEO of Eiffage: ‘Eiffage and its partners welcome the UK Government announcement for the new high speed line HS2. We are very proud to contribute to this project which has become possible thanks to the collaborative approach set by HS2 Ltd since 2017. Whatever difficulties countries are currently facing, we stay confident in the fact that we will overcome the crisis and successfully deliver this ambitious project.’

Stephen Fox, Chief Executive, BAM Nuttall said: ‘The Notice to Proceed for HS2 is extremely positive news, particularly at this difficult time for the country. BAM Nuttall is proud to be involved in this transformational scheme and we look forward to bringing our expertise to this key infrastructure project. BAM Nuttall is delighted to be working in collaboration with Eiffage, Kier and Ferrovial and all other HS2 partners to deliver the inspirational vision set out by HS2.’

Karl Goose, Managing Director, Ferrovial Agroman UK & Ireland: “This decision comes at an extremely important time for the UK. It is a fantastic opportunity for us to build on our HS2 enabling works experience and bring our expertise in infrastructure - high speed rail delivery in particular - to deliver further works for this vital scheme. This partnership is a deeply positive and definite step for us, our client, the supply chain and the UK, especially in light of the current global climate.”

About Kier

Kier is a leading provider of construction and infrastructure services. We provide specialist design and build capabilities. The knowledge, skills and intellectual capital of our people ensure we are able to project manage and integrate all aspects of a project.

Listed on the London Stock Exchange and with a network of UK offices Kier offers national coverage across all its core activities. With a turnover of £4.5bn, we work to deliver economic and social infrastructure which is vital to the growth of the UK.

About Eiffage

Eiffage is one of Europe’s leading construction and concessions companies. The Group’s activities are organised around the following business lines: construction, real estate and urban development, civil engineering, metal, roads, energy and concessions. Thanks to the experience of more than 72,500 employees, Eiffage generated revenues of €18.1 billion in 2019, of which almost 26% was outside France.

Eiffage completed in 2017 the construction of the Bretagne-Pays de la Loire project, one of Europe’s latest high speed rail line projects, which stretches 214kms and aims to greatly improve access to Western France. It has also delivered key projects including the Channel Tunnel Rail Link.

About BAM

Royal BAM Group is one of Europe’s largest contractors, delivering exceptional engineering, design, construction, property management and investment services. BAM’s ten operating companies work globally in five European home markets and in niche markets worldwide. The Group turnover £7 billion annually and is listed on Euronext, Amsterdam.

BAM employs approximately 20,000 people, who collaborate to support a diverse range of public and private sector customers, BAM has a worldwide reputation for building sustainable environments that enhance people’s lives – including rail, marine, tunnelling, highways, energy and water schemes. BAM enables the right people to capitalise on state-of-the-art knowledge, resources and digital technologies, providing solutions across the total construction life cycle.

BAM Nuttall, along with BAM Construct UK and BAM PPP in the UK, is one of Royal BAM Group’s ten operating companies. As well as creating sustainable solutions, that help modernise and improve civilisation, we aim to enhance the lives of our people and people in the organisations and communities we work alongside. We care about people and the planet as well as being a well-run profitable business BAM aims to achieve a net positive impact on society.

About Ferrovial

Ferrovial Agroman manages major, complex, multidisciplinary design and construction projects around the world, in sectors including rail, highways, tunnels, marine, airports and energy. Established in this market since 2003, we design and construct some of the UK and Ireland’s most high-profile transport infrastructure projects. We have the strength and depth to deliver complex major projects in-house, drawing on international expertise and full asset lifecycle capability. We provide our clients with cost-effective, value-added solutions and responsibly design and build assets for people and places.

Ferrovial, a leading global infrastructure operator, is committed to developing sustainable solutions. It is a member of Spain’s blue-chip IBEX 35 index and is also included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and FTSE4Good; all its operations are conducted in compliance with the principles of the UN Global Compact, which the company adopted in 2002.

Source: BAM Nuttal


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13.04.2021 (467 Clicks)

China Huaneng Group and Glencore sign MOU on CCUS Project

On 10 April at the 6th China International Conference on CO2 Capture Utilization and Storage, China Huaneng Group Clean Energy Research Institute Co., Ltd. and Carbon Capture Transport and Storage Company of Glencore have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the cooperation on carbon capture utilisation and storage (CCUS) technology, commencing with the CTSCo Project in Millmerran power station in Australia.


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World’s longest Railway Tunnel Project – supported by innovative Conveyor Digitalisation and reliable Engineering

World’s longest Railway Tunnel Project – supported by innovative Conveyor Digitalisation and reliable Engineering

17. October 2022 (601 Clicks)

The consortium BTC Brennero Tunnel Construction and the Hosch Group jointly delivered on a world-class tunnelling project by combining excellent engineering with the innovative remote monitoring system Hoschiris Discover.  

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Buchreihe: Dokumentation der technischen Entwicklung bei der RAG

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Die Aufgabe der Buchreihe „Dokumentation der technischen Entwicklung bei der RAG“ ist es, das in den vergangenen 50 Jahren im deutschen Steinkohlenbergbau erlangte Fachwissen zu sichern, zu verbreiten und künftigen technischen Entwicklungen Impulse zu geben. Über das Sammeln von Daten und Fakten hinaus stellt die auf insgesamt acht Bücher angelegte Reihe wichtiges Fach- und Lehrmaterial für Betrieb, Praxis und Studium dar.  

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Europe’s largest Deposit of Rare Earth Metals is located in the Kiruna Area

12.01.2023 (307 Clicks)

Europe’s largest Deposit of Rare Earth Metals is located in the Kiruna Area

LKAB has identified significant deposits of rare earth elements in the Kiruna...  

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Masan High-Tech Materials integrates global R&D activities under leadership of H.C. Starck Tungsten Powders

07.01.2023 (194 Clicks)

Masan High-Tech Materials integrates global R&D activities under leadership of H.C. Starck Tungsten Powders

H.C. Starck Tungsten Powders is bringing together the research and developmen...  

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K + S appointed Dr. Carin-Martina Tröltzsch to the Board of Executive Directors

24.01.2023 (191 Clicks)

K + S appointed Dr. Carin-Martina Tröltzsch to the Board of Executive Directors

The Supervisory Board of K+S Aktiengesellschaft has appointed Dr. Carin-Marti...  

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Implenia wins large and complex tunnelling project in Norway – E03 Boknafjord tunnel

07.01.2023 (175 Clicks)

Implenia wins large and complex tunnelling project in Norway – E03 Boknafjord tunnel

  • Joint Venture of Implenia and Stangeland Maskin selected to plan and ...  

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