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06.05.2021 (378 Clicks)

QRC welcomes Federal Government's Plan for Growth in the North

The Queensland Resources Council (QRC) has welcomed the announcement from Federal Minister Keith Pitt of a new five-year, $190 million investment plan for Northern Australia.


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05.05.2021 (410 Clicks)

Railway Line moved to make Way for Metro

A major Sydney railway line has been picked up and moved in just 48 hours, to make way for the brand new Sydney Metro.


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05.05.2021 (358 Clicks)

Keliber receives additional Funding for Developing a Sustainable Battery Value Chain

Keliber has received a positive decision from Business Finland regarding the Autumn IPCEI funding, a grant approved by the European Commission. Keliber will receive EUR 550,000 for a project that promotes the sustainable development of the battery value chain, circular economy and responsible production.


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04.05.2021 (397 Clicks)

Vale started Vargem Grande Complex Filtration Plant Operation

Vale informs that it has gradually started the operation of the tailings filtration plant located at the Vargem Grande Complex, the first of four filtration plants to be operated in Vale's sites in Minas Gerais, totaling US$ 2.3 billion in investments between 2020 and 2024.


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04.05.2021 (645 Clicks)

K+S closes Sale of Americas Salt Business to Stone Canyon Industries Holdings, Mark Demetree and Partners

K+S Aktiengesellschaft completed the sale of its Americas salt business consolidated in the Operating Unit Americas to Stone Canyon Industries Holdings LLC ("SCIH"), Mark Demetree and partners.


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04.05.2021 (538 Clicks)

Sydney Metro's Station at Waterloo – Building goes forward

Two tower cranes have been installed to help build the new metro station at Waterloo.


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03.05.2021 (491 Clicks)

Implenia to build one of the World’s deepest Metro Stations

Stockholm Region and Implenia have signed a contract for construction of the new “Sofia” metro station and associated tunnels in Stockholm | The order is worth SEK 1 billion (approximately CHF 110 million)


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01.05.2021 (671 Clicks)

Advance Record at the Brenner Base Tunnel

The miners in the Brenner Base Tunnel are pushing ahead rapidly with the major rail project. On Wednesday, March 31, 2021, they achieved a new record while excavating the main tubes in South Tyrol: 860 m of tunnel bored and lined in one month.


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30.04.2021 (447 Clicks)

PAUS North America Inc. established

PAUS GmbH, well-known manufacturer of specialized underground mining equipment has expanded its network: Effective April 1, PAUS North America Inc. was found in Walton Hills, OH.

To increase its footprint in USA (Canada) German underground mining machine manufacture has decided to found its own subsidiary “Paus North America Inc.” in the USA. On April 1st, PAUS NA was established in Walton Hills, OH and is taking over the role of NPK Mining.

PAUS NA will support all existing and future US and Canadian customers and distributors on behalf of H. Paus GmbH / Germany as a US based partner. Kirk Reineke, who has worked with the PAUS underground equipment line for years, is the president of PAUS North America Inc.

With a warehouse of stock equipment and spare parts available in the US, Kirk will make sure that customers will be provided with continuous supplies. And with OEM trained mechanics, Paus NA will provide any necessary service for machines in the field.

PAUS NA’s first public presence will be at the ELKO mining show (June 7-11, Elko/ NN) and of course both PAUS GmbH and PAUS NA Inc. will be showing equipment at MINExpo show in Las Vegas (Sept. 10-15).

Source: Paus

Paus, Maschinenfabrik, GmbH, Mining, North, America, Canada, established

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29.04.2021 (428 Clicks)

Cimic’s Leighton Asia and Broad Construction secure $100M in Project Wins

Cimic Group’s construction companies, Leighton Asia, and wholly owned subsidiary of CPB Contractors, Broad Construction (Broad), have further extended their presence in Singapore and Western Australia respectively with the award of contracts totalling approximately $100 million in revenue.


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Buchreihe: Dokumentation der technischen Entwicklung bei der RAG

Buchreihe: Dokumentation der technischen Entwicklung bei der RAG

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