FRIEDR. ISCHEBECK GMBH - Schalungs- und Verbausysteme - Formwork and trench shoring systems
FRIEDR. ISCHEBECK GMBH - Schalungs- und Verbausysteme - Formwork and trench shoring systems
URETEK Deutschland GmbH
FRIEDR. ISCHEBECK GMBH - Schalungs- und Verbausysteme - Formwork and trench shoring systems
URETEK Deutschland GmbH
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2nd International Congress - Exhibition - Mining of Uzbekistan and Central Asia (12-13 December 2023, Tashkent, Usbekistan)

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09.09.2021 (388 Clicks)

Critical Minerals Explorers connect the Dots to Investment Opportunity

Vital conversations on maximising Queensland’s investment potential through development of Queensland’s burgeoning critical minerals industry are on the agenda today at an inaugural mining and exploration event run by the Queensland Exploration Council (QEC) - QE Connect Lunch Series.


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09.09.2021 (422 Clicks)

Setting the Anchor on Poland’s Baltic Coast - fischer heavy-duty Fixings secure Świna Tunnel

Poland's longest underwater tunnel thus far, the Świna Tunnel, is currently being built between the islands of Uznam and Wolin in the city of Świnoujście. The tunnel below the river Świna will strengthen the coastal region through improved infrastructure connections to the rest of the country and the world. More than 50,000 chemical and steel heavy-duty fixings by fischer have been used to reinforce the tunnel.


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08.09.2021 (479 Clicks)

DMT Group Explores Europe’s Geothermal Energy Potential in Development of the European Green Deal

DMT GROUP, a global engineering and consultancy group, is playing a central role in efforts to explore Geothermal energy potential across north-west Europe. DMT is providing expertise in seismic measurement, boreholes and data evaluation to further the ambitions of the European Green Deal.

DMT is committed to working with partners across Europe to harness the region’s untapped renewable energy source and foster the expansion of deep geothermal energy as an environmentally friendly resource. DMT’s work is currently supporting the “Geothermal Paper Drying” research project and the “Deep Geothermal Energy Rollout in North West Europe” (DGE-ROLLOUT).


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07.09.2021 (522 Clicks)

HUESKER implements first high-performance Robot

- Robotics for more productivity, flexibility and best working conditions

Automation with robots has long since found its way into many sectors. One of the world's leading manufacturers of technical high-performance textiles for civil engineering, agriculture, industry and lightweight construction, the HUESKER Group, recently discovered the advantages that robotics can also make in niches. Together with ABB, a pioneer in robotics and automation, HUESKER developed a prototype that is not available off the shelf, which is specifically used for handling and palletizing heavy yarn reels - a relief for the employees in yarn production.


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07.09.2021 (497 Clicks)

Berco extends Mining Range for plus 200-ton Excavators with first-to-market Undercarriage Components

Berco, a global leader in the manufacturing and supply of undercarriages and components to OEMs and the Aftermarket, has reached another milestone with the launch of its complete undercarriage replacement range for the Cat 6020B Hydraulic Mining Shovel. Developed specifically for the high-quality demand mining segment of the Aftermarket, this is the first ‘non-captive’ range available to purchase. This means that aside from CAT, Berco is the only company currently capable of providing a full and significantly more affordable variety of undercarriage replacement components for this particular machine.

Launched some years ago, the Cat 6020B is a 230-ton excavator at the very high end of the mining range. Depending on the abrasiveness of the soil, undercarriage components need to be replaced every 4-5 years. This means that there are significant numbers of this particular model currently due undercarriage maintenance. This number, moreover, is forecast to grow in the coming years.

To meet this demand, Berco is supplying a full range of undercarriage components which include the chain, the bottom rollers, the top rollers, the drive sprocket and idlers with supports. Everything is set to be available from September onwards.

“These machines must be capable of working in harsh environments for 20-24 hours a day without stopping. Because when the main excavator on a site is out of service, it has a direct knock-on effect on all of the secondary machines,” says Diego Buffoni, Head of Aftermarket Berco. “We are particularly proud of this new range launch, which will offer a great business opportunity for our partner distributors worldwide. On top of Berco’s acclaimed high quality which it provides, it also signifies the path we are on, which is to supply comprehensive and affordable solutions to all Aftermarket customers.”

Berco’s cutting-edge technological features

With over 100 years of experience and expertise in the industry, the Italian company is universally renowned for the very high quality and innovativeness of its products. For the Cat 6020B Hydraulic Mining Shovel range, the company utilized a ‘reverse engineering’ process to deconstruct the OE components. Three-dimensional material scanning was carried out in order to gain a complete understanding of the initial design criteria, while laboratory analysis determined the materials used as well as the heat treatments and microstructures.

Having gained a full understanding of all of the components in question, company engineers then proceeded to develop their very own Berco-quality Aftermarket undercarriage system, which is further boosted by the addition of another Berco innovation: BPR2™ (Berco Positive Pin Retention2™ System). This improves the working lifetime of the components by mechanically locking the link to the pin which results in the avoidance of ‘end-play generation’ and ‘pin walking’ in an undercarriage.

For the track chain, a newly designed track link with a 350mm pitch was produced using the ‘drop forged’ process, made from a mild carbon steel grade with boron. Unlike the OE product, however, the chemical composition of the Berco version is enriched with chromium (Cr) to increase tensile resistance. In addition, the track bushing has a high resistance to wear. With 60 HRC hardness, it can contain pitch elongation. In addition, the case depth has been increased by 20-25 percent when compared to the original. The track pin, moreover, has deeper case depth and higher core hardiness, resulting in an improved bending load resistance.

The track roller can, as a result of its lubrication and seal features, adopt an “all-weather” configuration, ranging from -40°C to +50°C. Additionally, three top rollers without a central flange support the heavy weight of the chain and the oil filling hole has been moved to the outer collar in order to ensure full access to it.

With the Berco’s Dozer Line already complete, the launch of its range for the Cat 6020B Hydraulic Mining Shovel brings the company closer to finishing its Excavator Line too. For Berco, this is another large step on the way to becoming an overall solution provider for the Aftermarket.

Accounting for a big portion of all Aftermarket sales, the mining market segment is of particular importance to Berco. The company is now looking to further strengthen its position there by extending its mining ranges and becoming the only high-quality alternative to the OEMs.

About Berco

Berco is a global leading manufacturer and supplier of undercarriages for heavy machinery. With over 100 years of experience, the Italian company creates tailor-made undercarriage solutions for all types of machinery that range in weight from 1 to 330 tons. A market leader in components for Compact Track Loaders (CTL) and a main player in the mining sector, the industries the company supplies include construction, forestry and agriculture. One in every five chain-driven construction vehicles relies on Berco systems. The company’s commitment to innovation is demonstrated by its continual investment in R&D as well as by its supplying of best-performing, long-life solutions to leading OE manufacturers.
For the Aftermarket, the company provides drive sprockets, idlers, rollers, track chains, track shoes and undercarriage systems. Its ranges are available in three product lines: Platinum, Original and Service. Berco’s main factory is located in Copparo, Italy and the company has four other facilities in Italy, Brazil and the US, with an overall workforce of around 1,800 employees. Berco has been part of the thyssenkrupp multinational group since 1999, and in 2018 joined the Forged Technologies business unit – the world’s largest forging company.

About thyssenkrupp Forged Technologies

thyssenkrupp Forged Technologies is a diversified supplier of components and system solutions for a wide range of different industries and markets. The forging group has a unique global footprint by operating more than 50 forging presses in 18 locations worldwide, including in Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, the USA, Mexico, Brazil, India and China. With sales of over 1 billion euro, the company specializes in the production of components and systems for the automotive, truck and construction machinery industries.

Source: Berco

Berco, extends, Mining, Range, plus, 200-ton, Excavators, with, first-to-market, undercarriage, Components, ThyssenKrupp, Italy, Supplier, undercarriage, Compact, Track, Loaders

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06.09.2021 (322 Clicks)

Climate-friendly Solutions for all Kinds of Mobility – Bosch is generating Sales of more than one Billion Euros with Electromobility

In electromobility, no other company offers as many options as Bosch: from e-bikes to construction machinery, and from silicon carbide chips to pre-integrated e-axle modules. And this is paying off: in electromobility, Bosch is growing twice as fast as the market, and will generate more than 1 billion euros in sales this year. This business is continuing to gain speed.


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06.09.2021 (417 Clicks)

Datwyler: Further Specialisation in system-critical Elastomer Components - Sale of Reichelt

With the sale of the online distributor Reichelt to Invision, Datwyler will now be specialising solely in system-critical elastomer components. The deal is due to be completed in the autumn. In the forthcoming phase, Datwyler will be focussing on organic growth and targeted acquisitions to strengthen existing business.


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03.09.2021 (628 Clicks)

Sandvik launches 15-tonne Toro LH515i underground loader

Sandvik Mining and Rock Solutions is launching a new, higher-capacity 15-tonne size class loader as a next generation model for the current 14-tonne Sandvik LH514.

The 15-tonne Toro™ LH515i has one tonne greater capacity than its predecessor, yet it is designed to operate within the same footprint. This new member of the Toro family has been redesigned from the ground up, leveraging all of the benefits of its predecessor, while improving the design based on customer feedback.


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02.09.2021 (424 Clicks)

Epiroc appoints Charlotta Grähs as new General Counsel

Epiroc has appointed Charlotta Grähs as Senior Vice President General Counsel and member of Group Management, effective not later than March 1, 2022. Charlotta Grähs will succeed Jörgen Ekelöw, who will retire.


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31.08.2021 (486 Clicks)

Dust-, spillage- and maintenance-free Skirtings supplied for Conveying in the Mining and Processing Industries

Companies whose daily operations include extraction, processing, crushing and screening of materials are familiar with the problems at the transfer points in conveying systems, such as nuisance dust generation, disruptive material spillage, costly belt wear, maintenance work that impedes operation and constant cleaning required. Even conventional chute skirtings or conveyor belt skirtings do not help to overcome these problems. For more than 8 years already, ScrapeTec from Kamp-Lintfort, Germany with its specific products has been providing effective solutions to all these problems. ScrapeTec products as e.g. AirScrape, DustScrape and TailScrape are applied individually or in combination and serve as side skirtings or belt skirtings, for example. They are used by large and small companies – in many countries around the world. Also in Chile and Peru.


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Harmony - Loss-of-life incident at Kusasalethu mine

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