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01.02.2022 (282 Clicks)

Mining Company in Pskov Region upgrades Production with CDE Solution

Wet processing solution ensures stable supply of GOST-compliant products


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31.01.2022 (242 Clicks)

RF SAMPO Project strengthens Finland's Competitiveness in Radio Technologies

A consortium of major industrial and academic stakeholders led by Nokia and coordinated by the University of Oulu will start a massive project aiming to speed up the development of RF and antenna technologies and accelerate the transition from 5G to 6G. Through technological development, the project contributes to the creation of new jobs and new business opportunities.


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28.01.2022 (265 Clicks)

Acquisition: Rema Tip Top strengthens its Market Position in Brazil

Rema Tip Top AG acquires Tecnolita Industrial Ltda., a manufacturer and supplier of high-performance refractories and anti-corrosion materials and systems located in Campinas, Brazil. With this acquisition, Rema Tip Top further expands its strategic presence in Latin America.


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28.01.2022 (294 Clicks)

Hochtief to deliver Power Supply Tunnel Project in Wales

Hochtief UK has been awarded a GBP 207 million (EUR 240 million) power supply tunnel project by National Grid in Wales. The project is part of the Visual Impact Provision project in the Snowdonia National Park near Porthmadog in the north of the country.


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27.01.2022 (676 Clicks)

Water: ILF as PMC for „The Green Riyadh Project” (KSA)

The Royal Commission for Riyadh City in Saudi Arabia (RCRC) selected ILF as the Project Management Consultant (PMC) for the 1,700,000 m³/day TSE transmission network.


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27.01.2022 (286 Clicks)

HS2 awards Station Lifts and Escalators Framework to TK Elevator

HS2 Ltd confirmed that TK Elevator has been awarded the framework to deliver around 300 state-of-the-art lifts and escalators for the four major new stations being built as part of the HS2 high speed rail project.


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27.01.2022 (354 Clicks)

A Product Range for Customer Applications from National Pile Cropper

From its base in the heart of England, National Pile Cropper (NPC) has gone from strength to strength developing and supplying its own line of patented customer focused pile cropping solutions to a wide array of customers.  These range from multinationals working on HS2 and specialist piling companies, to regional contractors and local ground workers. As part of its market leading R&D programme, the company has announced a plethora of customer focused developments for 2022.


Mounted on a 360O excavator via quick release fittings, NPC pile croppers prove their versatility and effectiveness in all sectors of the construction industry, including housing and commercial developments, serving both public and private sectors, and encompassing such areas as utilities, road and rail. When lowered onto the pile, the hydraulic system operates the jaw(s) which allows the pile cropper to cut a de-bonded pile and cause the concrete to break away, leaving a horizontal finish as a result. In doing this the chisels penetrate in a precise direction up to the rebar to make the fracture. On bonded piles, the chisels will penetrate further, and due to the shape of the chisels and the reaction forces of the rebar, the concrete will break in pieces that can easily be lifted off the pile enabling recycling of the cut away concrete.

Whatever the piles, there’s a solution

For precast piles, specifically traditional and trench foundation in housing and commercial works, NPC has developed in-house  the Single Bar Cropper. It has a simple design to produce a very slim pile cropper which can be lowered over piles in trenches as narrow as 450mm, and weighing only 450kg, the cropper can be mounted on a 6t excavator. Also available in 2022 is the NPC Dual Cropper which has been developed to be used to reduce any precast concrete pile with single or multiple reinforcement bars, with the cropper being narrow enough to fit into a 600mm trench. It exposes the rebar to finish the level by ‘nibbling’ down the pile at intervals of between 250mm and 500mm. Its use is recommended for sites where the Multi Bar cropper is too large, being designed for use on excavators of 8t and above. The NPC Multi Bar Cropper, as its name suggests, is used for precast piles (PCC) with four or more reinforcement bars (rebar), being suitable for excavators of 6t and above.

For dealing with augured (round) piles, NPC has an in house developed range for all applications. The NPC CFA & HD CFA Cropper Range cuts circular augured concrete piles ranging from 300mm to 1,200mm in diameter, with the modular design being easily adjusted to suit different pile sizes on site. The NPC Quad 600 Cropper utilises four powerful and fully synchronised rams with specially designed blades to give a precise pile cut. Best utilised on piles with de-bonded reinforcement bars, its design delivers a very small footprint to enable access into tight spaces. It can also be used to reduce contiguous and secant piled walls with spacing as close as 100mm. Both are for use with 13t or above excavators.
For larger piles, the NPC Quad Large 750 Cropper is designed to be used for the reduction of augured piles up to 750mm diameter whilst the NPC Quad XL 1000 Cropper is for piles up to 1,050mm in diameter. These both use four powerful fully synchronised rams with specially designed blades, with the cropper being developed to hold the cut pile section safely for removal to a designated safe area and are designed for use on excavators of 21t and above. Finally, for contiguous and secant piles, NPC has two solutions, namely the 800kg NPC Contig 450 and 1,350kg NPC Contig 600. These latter two units use two hydraulic rams mounted opposing at 180° enabling the positioning of the cropper over the wall to reduce the piles. The thickness of the cropper allows it to slot between contiguous piles with spacing as close as 50mm.

This all-encompassing range has proved invaluable in many projects, but is not the end of the NPC’s investment in pile cropping solutions. “Although our range covers virtually all applications and requirements, we continuously invest in R&D to develop and refine our solutions,” explains company managing director Simon Price. “We work with our customers to find out what they want and how we can help make them become more productive and profitable. To this end, this year will see the launch of two other new solutions that are currently undergoing field testing and refinement.”

The latest development in this line is the NPC Power Cropper, which like all the NPC solutions, has been developed as part of the company’s extensive R&D programme. Simon outlines the features of what has proved to be a ‘game changing’ solution: “Designed to be better than the earlier model we had conceived at our previous company, and it is by some way, the Power Cropper uses lighter, stronger materials enabling us to keep the weight down below 1t and the dimensions small enough to enable easy movement around any site. Two very powerful rams ensure that up to 300mm can be easily cut by the two extremely hard wearing and fully scissoring jaws.” The Power Cropper can be used to reduce piles in sections of 1m and more at a time, cutting straight through the reinforcement allowing the site to be cleared extremely quickly. Due to its excellent control, the Power Cropper can also be used to reduce the pile in small sections leaving the rebar intact and is designed for excavators of 13t and above.

Source: National Pile Cropper

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26.01.2022 (296 Clicks)

A study: Teleworking can help solve Environmental Problems

A team of researchers from Lithuania, Cyprus and Germany discovered that at least 4,0 L of transportation fuel and 7,4 kg of carbon dioxide can be saved per hour of remote work per 100 employees.


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26.01.2022 (291 Clicks)

Glencore & Managem set up Partnership for Moroccan Production of Cobalt from recycled Battery Materials

Glencore and Managem are pleased to announce that they have entered into a partnership to produce Cobalt from recycled cobalt, nickel and lithium at Managem’s CTT Hydrometallurgical Refinery at Guemssa (37 km from Marrakech).


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26.01.2022 (232 Clicks)

RTK From the Sky Technology transforms Hexagon | NovAtel TerraStar-C PRO Service with three Minute global Convergence

In late 2020, Hexagon’s Autonomy & Positioning division announced their technological breakthrough of global RTK From the Sky, demonstrating a future where instantaneous PPP and global RTK-level accuracy is possible.


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World’s longest Railway Tunnel Project – supported by innovative Conveyor Digitalisation and reliable Engineering

World’s longest Railway Tunnel Project – supported by innovative Conveyor Digitalisation and reliable Engineering

17. October 2022 (430 Clicks)

The consortium BTC Brennero Tunnel Construction and the Hosch Group jointly delivered on a world-class tunnelling project by combining excellent engineering with the innovative remote monitoring system Hoschiris Discover.  

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RAG-Technikchronik - Buch 2: Technikentwicklung im Abbau

27. September 2018 (1965 Clicks)

Als erster Band erschienen in der Buchreihe Dokumentation der technischen Entwicklung bei der RAG ist das Buch 2, das sich mit der „Technikentwicklung im Abbau“ beschäftigt. Die Autoren betrachten die einzelnen Aspekte des Strebbaus an langer Front in flacher und mäßig geneigter Lagerung.  

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13.04.2022 (673 Clicks)

Skanska signs Contract for Work at Wastewater Resource Recovery Facility in NY, USA

Skanska has, as part of a joint venture with R.J. Industries, Inc., signed a ...  

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Microtunnel Boring Machine breaks new Ground with mineral oil-free hydraulic Fluids from German Specialists

25.03.2022 (649 Clicks)

Microtunnel Boring Machine breaks new Ground with mineral oil-free hydraulic Fluids from German Specialists

The Saarbrücken civil engineering contractor SaarGrundbau has successful...  

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23.05.2022 (627 Clicks)

Metso Outotec wins Order for large Iron Ore Pellet Plant in Oman

Metso Outotec has signed an agreement for the delivery of engineering and key...  

#Metso Outotec #Vulcan Engineering Co. #processing

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09.06.2022 (611 Clicks)

Femern A S and SICE-COBRA sign multi-billion Contract

On Monday 30 May, Femern A/S and SICE-COBRA have signed the contract for the ...  

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