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27.09.2019 (3116 Clicks)

QRC applauds APLNG domestic Gas Supply

The Queensland Resources Council (QRC) has welcomed the action by Australia Pacific LNG (APLNG) to supply 61 petajoules (PJ) of gas to the Australian domestic market which is the equivalent yearly demand of around 1.5 million households.


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27.09.2019 (2771 Clicks)

De Beers Group and UN Women complete the Training of more than 700 Women Micro-entrepreneurs in Southern Africa

On the second anniversary of becoming a HeForShe Thematic Champion and partnering with UN Women, De Beers Group today announced that more than 700 women micro-entrepreneurs in Namibia and South Africa have successfully completed their training.

The Accelerating Women Owned Micro-Enterprises (AWOME) programme has also recently launched in Botswana, creating even more opportunities for women micro-entrepreneurs to participate.

Part of De Beers Group’s partnership with UN Women, the AWOME programme is tailored to provide women micro-entrepreneurs with the skills required to grow their businesses. Using a 'train the trainer' approach, local community members were selected and trained in mentoring, networks, business, and life skills. These community members then in turn train women entrepreneurs, enabling the programme to be sustainably embedded in the long term. Additionally, the training enhances abilities across a range of areas including how to access different markets, increase market share, generate income, create more jobs, and support effective decision-making, communication and negotiation skills.

Targeting regions with high levels of unemployment where job opportunities are limited, the aim of the AWOME programme is to create a sustainable support network by building the capacity of locally-based trainers to understand the specific challenges faced by women micro-entrepreneurs in these regions and build peer support networks.

The programme has so far supported a range of micro-entrepreneurs from mechanics, children’s entertainers, farmers, hairdressers and tailors. Following the programme’s success, the Office of the First Lady of Namibia’s One Economy Foundation is deploying the AWOME programme to improve the benefits the Foundation is delivering.

Commenting on the programme’s success so far, Bruce Cleaver, CEO, De Beers Group, said: "We are extremely proud and encouraged by of the progress that we have made alongside our partners at UN Women with our AWOME programme, and we are excited to see the progress accelerate over the next 12 months and beyond.

"It is proven that supporting women and girls to advance their skills and grow their influence in the commercial sector maximises the opportunities for societal development, as women reinvest more of their income back into their communities. The changes we see in individuals as a result of the AWOME programme are amazing in their own right, but the changes in the wider society can be truly profound."

Two-year anniversary of De Beers Group’s partnership with UN Women

Beyond the success of the AWOME programme in southern Africa, De Beers Group has also seen substantial progress in other aspects of its partnership with UN Women.

In Canada, De Beers Group is supporting young women studying STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), sponsoring STEM science camps for girls from indigenous communities around operations in Canada and providing scholarships for women to attend university and study STEM subjects.

De Beers Group has also partnered with UN Women to sponsor the #GetFree tour, which earlier this month travelled around Canadian universities engaging students on the HeForShe movement and the importance of gender equality.

De Beers Group’s partnership with UN Women has also seen the company set a goal of achieving gender parity in its appointment rate at senior levels. The appointment rate of women into senior roles has increased to 38 per cent from 22 per cent at the start of the partnership. The appointment rate has, however, declined from the level achieved in 2018, highlighting the ongoing challenges of meeting the target and the need for a continued focus on transformation in this area. In order to meet the target, De Beers Group has embedded changes to culture and policy through implementing employee networks, establishing reciprocal mentoring programmes and revising recruitment guidelines.

Further to this, De Beers Group has also committed to being a positive force for gender equality through its marketing activities. A new set of inclusive marketing guidelines was launched across the Group in 2019, focused on avoiding the exacerbation of gender stereotypes by portraying both men and women realistically and positively.

Elizabeth Nyamayaro, Senior Advisor to Under-Secretary-General and Executive Director of UN Women, said: "The HeForShe initiative works with global leaders who are committed to leading the path for gender equality and are willing to demonstrate that change is possible on an accelerated timeline. UN Women is proud to partner with De Beers Group as a HeForShe Thematic Champion and the work they are doing in the mining sector - a traditionally male dominated sector - to increase the representation of women at leadership and to embed gender equality into their organisational culture."

Source: De Beers

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27.09.2019 (2998 Clicks)

Bullseye Mining Uses Modern Day Exploration Techniques to Discover What the 'Old Miners' Could Not Reach at the Historic Hurleys Gold Shafts

The historic Gold Shafts atop of the Hurleys Gold Deposit have been lying abandoned since the Second World War, with only occasional small-scale prospecting by those fascinated with the sheer dearth of hard, physical work and preservation shown by the historic Gold Rush Prospectors under the Australian Outback sun.


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25.09.2019 (2879 Clicks)

Costain: Catherine Warbrick appointed Group HR Director

Costain, the smart infrastructure solutions company, has appointed Catherine Warbrick as Group HR director and a member of its Executive Board.


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25.09.2019 (3597 Clicks)

CIMIC's Thiess secures $1.3 billion Curragh Extension

CIMIC Group’s global mining services provider, Thiess, has been awarded a six-year A$1.3 billion contract extension by Coronado Global Resources Inc to provide mining services at the Curragh Mine in Queensland, Australia.


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25.09.2019 (3354 Clicks)

CIMIC Group's CPB Contractors wins $463m Sydney Metro Station project

CIMIC Group company CPB Contractors has been selected to build the new Sydney Metro City & Southwest Pitt Street Station.


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23.09.2019 (3671 Clicks)

Tunnelling World meets in Malaysia - WTC 2020

  • World Tunnel Congress 2020 in Kuala Lumpur to be held from 15 to 21 May 2020

“The preparations for the World Tunnel Congress (WTC) and 46th ITA General Assembly 2020 in Kuala Lumpur are in full swing.


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19.09.2019 (3466 Clicks)

Epiroc wins orders for battery electric Mining Equipment from Customers in several Countries

Less than a year after Epiroc’s launch of its new generation battery electric mining equipment, the company has won orders for those machines from customers in several countries including Finland, Australia and Canada. 


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19.09.2019 (4123 Clicks)

Ciel & Terre in Germany: Floating Solar Plant on a Quarry Lake

This summer, a new European country adopted floating solar and chose Ciel & Terre’s Hydrelio solution: Germany. The country is getting interested in the installation of this state-of-the-art technology combining sunray and water. The solar array, located on an Ossola’s GmbH quarry lake and developed by Erdgas Südwest, was inaugurated earlier in the summer. It was, in the meantime, the inauguration of an unprecedented anchoring system on a FPV plant…


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19.09.2019 (2617 Clicks)

Haver & Boecker Niagara expands into Australia

Haver & Boecker’s new mineral processing brand, expands its global presence into the Australian mining and aggregates industries.


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13.04.2022 (519 Clicks)

Skanska signs Contract for Work at Wastewater Resource Recovery Facility in NY, USA

Skanska has, as part of a joint venture with R.J. Industries, Inc., signed a ...  

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25.03.2022 (452 Clicks)

Microtunnel Boring Machine breaks new Ground with mineral oil-free hydraulic Fluids from German Specialists

The Saarbrücken civil engineering contractor SaarGrundbau has successful...  

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09.06.2022 (428 Clicks)

Femern A S and SICE-COBRA sign multi-billion Contract

On Monday 30 May, Femern A/S and SICE-COBRA have signed the contract for the ...  

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23.05.2022 (426 Clicks)

Metso Outotec wins Order for large Iron Ore Pellet Plant in Oman

Metso Outotec has signed an agreement for the delivery of engineering and key...  

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