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17.12.2019 (846 Clicks)

Bechtel Enka to build Serbia’s first 5G-ready digital Motorway and Key Flood Defense System

Morava motorway will create 10,000 jobs and enhance long-term economic growth in central Serbia


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17.12.2019 (845 Clicks)

Australia invests A$27m in Mining Education and Research

The Australian government has announced A$12.5m in funding, from government reserves and industry organisations, to support a training centre at the University of Adelaide to educate miners and engineers in emerging technologies.


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16.12.2019 (1101 Clicks)

Hochtief Joint Venture to deliver London Power Tunnels Project

A Hochtief joint venture has been awarded with a GBP 400 million contract to deliver the second phase of the London Power Tunnels (LPT2) project.


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13.12.2019 (1227 Clicks)

Cronimet Holding GmbH appointed new CEO Europe

  • Mr. Marijo Zeljko is responsible for the overall management of all European locations
  • In addition, he will remain Managing Director of Cronimet Ferroleg. GmbH

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13.12.2019 (793 Clicks)

Fugro wins nearshore Site Characterisation Contract for Copenhagen Megaproject

Danish consulting firm Cowi has awarded Fugro a nearshore geotechnical site investigation for CPH City & Port Development’s Lynetteholmen megaproject in Copenhagen.


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13.12.2019 (1003 Clicks)

Boliden appointed General Managers

Peter Bergman has been appointed as General Manager for The Boliden Area. For the last two years, Peter has been General Manager in Kevitsa and before that he worked as Mine Manager in Kankberg, Maurliden and acting General Manager at Aitik.


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13.12.2019 (33 Clicks)

Beumer Group zählt zu umsatzstärksten Familienunternehmen in Deutschland: Motor der deutschen Wirtschaft

Familienunternehmen sind Motor und Stablilitätsanker der deutschen Wirtschaft in einem. Doch wer zählt in Deutschland zu den größten unter ihnen? Das multimediale Wirtschaftsmedium Die Deutsche Wirtschaft (DDW) hat dies zum Jahresabschluss ermittelt und ein Ranking veröffentlicht. Die Beumer Group gehört zu den Firmen, die ihre Position im Vergleich zum Vorjahr sogar noch verbessern konnten – um 84 Plätze. Der Systemanbieter gehört damit zu den Ranggewinnern.


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12.12.2019 (997 Clicks)

Glencore to join The Responsible Sourcing Blockchain Network

Glencore PLC (Glencore), one of the world’s largest industrial cobalt producers, announces that it is to join the Responsible Sourcing Blockchain Network (RSBN). RSBN is an industry collaboration utilising blockchain technology to support responsible sourcing and production practices from mine to market. With members spanning downstream auto brands, refiners and miners, the network’s blockchain has moved beyond proof of concept and is on track to become commercially operational by spring 2020.


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11.12.2019 (769 Clicks)

SSAB, LKAB and Vattenfall welcome higher Ambitions to reach Climate Targets

HYBRIT's owners SSAB, LKAB and Vattenfall welcome the higher ambitions to reach climate targets discussed at the COP25 climate summit in Madrid. The companies cite the need for powerful measures to secure industrial transition. The HYBRIT initiative for fossil-free steel production shows that zero net emissions is possible.

At Monday's meeting of the Leadership Group for Industry Transition, SSAB, LKAB and Vattenfall jointly highlighted a number of conditions needed, both within the EU and globally, to rapidly decarbonize industry worldwide.

The three companies were invited to the United Nations Climate Action Summit in New York in September to participate in the Leadership Group for Industry Transition, with the aim of converting even the hard to abate industries such as steel and cement. The Leadership Group is one of the UN climate tracks initiated by the governments of Sweden and India.

“We welcome further concrete steps to reach the global climate targets. The EU has an opportunity to lead the industrial transition. A European Green Deal must include an ambitious Industrial strategy that focuses on innovation, supports the upscaling of new technologies, and facilitates access to private and public funding. It should also emphasize creating markets for low carbon products, for example through an effective ETS system, and facilitate the necessary infrastructure for fossil-free electricity and hydrogen,” says Martin Pei, CTO of SSAB and Chairman of HYBRIT.

“Our goal is to create a completely fossil-free value chain, from the mine to the finished steel product. A fossil-free steel industry has the potential to reduce the world’s total carbon dioxide emissions by 7 percent, and the transition is a necessity if we are to meet our shared climate goals,” says Jan Moström, President and CEO of LKAB.

“Continued sufficient access to fossil-free electricity with high delivery reliability and competitive pricing, as well as initiatives for better flexibility, are needed to enable the industrial transition globally. The HYBRIT project´s objective of storing hydrogen also contributes to increased flexibility by using storage to balance and stabilize the energy system,” says Cecilia Hellner, Head of Public and Regulatory Affairs Sweden at Vattenfall.

The three companies are represented at COP25 by Martin Pei (SSAB), Jan Moström (LKAB) and Cecilia Hellner (Vattenfall), among others.

Hybrit Development AB is a joint venture of SSAB, LKAB and Vattenfall with the aim of advancing HYBRIT technology from laboratory scale to full production scale to enable the world's first fossil-free ore-based steelmaking. By using fossil-free electricity and hydrogen instead of coke and carbon for iron ore reduction, the byproduct will be normal water instead of carbon dioxide.

At Luleå in northern Sweden, HYBRIT is now building the world's first pilot plant based on direct reduction of iron ore with hydrogen, which will be ready in 2020. SSAB´s goal is a market launch of the first fossil-free steel products in 2026.

SSAB, LKAB and Vattenfall participation at the COP25 summit

Monday, December 9
Leadership Group for Industry Transition

Tuesday, December 10
Business Sweden, “The key to Swedish sustainable success” (2:00-2:45 pm), Nordic Pavilion

Wednesday, December 11
Business Sweden, “Business + politics = fast change” (11.30-12.30 am), Nordic Pavilion

Thursday, December 12
Business Europe, “Industrial decarbonisation: Key examples from EU business” (12:30-2:00 pm), EU Pavilion (LKAB)

HYBRIT: Technology transition for industry (2:30-4:00 pm), EU Pavilion (SSAB, LKAB & Vattenfall)

”Accelerating industry transformation – IKEA becoming climate positive by 2030” (4:30-6:00 pm), EU Pavilion (Vattenfall)

Friday, December 13
Business Sweden, “Becoming fossil free to increase competitiveness” (9:30-10:15 am), Nordic Pavilion (LKAB)

Cooperating for the future: Sustainable Underground Mining (2:30-4:00 pm), EU Pavilion (LKAB)


SSAB is a Nordic and US-based steel company. SSAB offers value added products and services developed in close cooperation with its customers to create a stronger, lighter and more sustainable world. SSAB has employees in over 50 countries. SSAB has production facilities in Sweden, Finland and the US. SSAB is listed on Nasdaq Stockholm and has a secondary listing on Nasdaq Helsinki.

Source: SSAB

SSAB, LKAB, Vattenfall, welcome, higher, ambitions, reach, climate, targets

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11.12.2019 (1004 Clicks)

TOMRA’s Technology and Partnership approach delivers record-breaking Diamond Recoveries for Lucara

Lucara Diamond Corporation owns the Karowe diamond mine in Botswana, which has been in production since 2012. The mine is recognised as one the foremost producers of very large, high-quality Type IIA diamonds in excess of 10.8 carats. Historic recoveries include the 1,109 carat Lesedi La Rona – the second-largest gem quality diamond ever found – and the 813 carat Constellation diamond. Lucara’s success at the Karowe mine continues, most recently with rare gem quality blue and pink diamonds recovered in September 2019.


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17. October 2022 (1647 Clicks)

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Das Buch 3 der Reihe „Dokumentation der technischen Entwicklung bei der RAG“ stellt die Evolution der Vorleistung in den vergangenen 50 Jahren dar. Da sie den Zugang zur Lagerstätte schafft, ist sie die Grundvoraussetzung zur Gewinnung des Rohstoffs Kohle und bildet die Grundlage für den langfristig sicheren und leistungsfähigen Betrieb eines Bergwerks.  

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2nd International Congress - Exhibition - Mining of Uzbekistan and Central Asia (12-13 December 2023, Tashkent, Usbekistan)

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Metso’s headquarters moves to Matinkylä, Espoo

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