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29.05.2020 (710 Clicks)

Fire in Crushing Station at Boliden Kevitsa

During last night a fire occurred in the building for primary crushing in Boliden´s mine Kevitsa, located in Finnish Lappland.


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29.05.2020 (644 Clicks)

LKAB produces Apatite from Mine Waste in a new Pilot Plant

LKAB is developing technology to recycle mine waste to produce phosphorus mineral fertilisers, rare earth elements (REEs), fluorine and gypsum, in a project called ReeMAP. The first step is to use the mine waste to produce an apatite concentrate, something LKAB is now doing in their pilot plant.


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27.05.2020 (722 Clicks)

EGEC: Carbfix and Eavor Geothermal Innovators of the Year

This year the Ruggero Bertani European Geothermal Innovation Award 2020 was earned by the Icelandic Carbfix project and German company Eavor on equal merit.

The Carbfix process captures CO2 and other sour gases from emission sources, transforming them into rocks underground in less than two years. This overturns the common view that mineral storage in Carbon Capture & Storage projects takes hundreds to thousands of years. Carbfix has global scaling potential in and beyond the geothermal industry for decarbonising the economy.

Eavor’s innovation is a novel and scalable closed-loop geothermal system of several deep horizontal wells connected to vertical wells. This overcomes the limitation of deep geothermal systems, which normally rely on vertical single wells only. By running on thermosiphon, it also enables the geothermal industry to offer both a baseload and dispatchable energy source.


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27.05.2020 (999 Clicks)

Petropavlovsk: Retirement of Chairman - Board Changes

Petropavlovsk PLC announced the appointments of Ms Fiona Paulus and Mr Tim McCutcheon as Independent Non-Executive Directors with immediate effect. It also announces that Sir Roderic Lyne will retire from the Board following the Company's Annual General Meeting on 30 June 2020 and will be succeeded by Ms Paulus as Chairman.


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26.05.2020 (819 Clicks)

Solution Partner - SIEMAG TECBERG GmbH partners with SIEMENS AG for Automation and Drive Technology

SIEMAG TECBERG announced the expansion of a customer / supplier relationship and partnership that has existed for many years between Siemens and SIEMAG TECBERG.

Within the scope of this supplier relationship, Siemens produces and supplies automation and drive technology products based on the design and engineering of SIEMAG TECBERG.

Since March 26, 2020 SIEMAG TECBERG is official Solution Partner of Siemens especially for Large Drives LV - a partnership that is to be expanded in the interest of both parties.

With this partnership, Siemens recognizes the recent SIEMAG TECBERG investments in their TECBERG park, the headquarter in Haiger, where comprehensive extensions to the product assembly halls have been built as part of the Applied Engineering process to realize new dimensions in factory commissioning.

The possibilities already available at TECBERG park have convinced Siemens, that SIEMAG TECBERG company with its existing know-how and expertise is the right partner in the field of „Medium-voltage drives“.

System integration in TECBERG park offers advantages for both partners

Two new product assembly halls, each with a large heavy-duty test field, corresponding power supply and crane system equipment for loads up to 200 t unit weight, as well as a new automatic warehouse allow SIEMAG TECBERG to further optimise its product assembly.

In this context, TECBERG park does not only stand for the mentioned structural extensions, but above all for the realization of a highly advanced system integration of mechanics, hydraulics as well as automation and drive technology of complete hoisting machines.

With these optimised test possibilities for its shaft hoisting systems, SIEMAG TECBERG is now taking on a pioneering role worldwide. No other manufacturer of systems of this magnitude currently undertakes such extensive product assembly and testing with system tests, carried out on test benches for the system integration of complete hoisting machines.

Source: Siemag Tecberg

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25.05.2020 (815 Clicks)

More Gas Exploration for Queensland

Santos and Denison to pump more Queensland gas

Queensland continues to take the lead on gas supply for the domestic market, with Santos and Denison Gas the latest to take up the hunt in the state’s proven gasfields.


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22.05.2020 (703 Clicks)

Hatch named one of Australia's Top Intern Programs

For the third year in a row, Hatch has ranked in a list of Australia’s Top Intern Programs for 2020. Hatch placed seventeenth in the list of the top forty intern programs, which are providing amazing educational opportunities for students and young professionals across the nation.


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20.05.2020 (782 Clicks)

Femern A/S activates Contracts

On 12 May 2020 Femern A/S has activated the conditioned contracts on ’Tunnel North’, ’Tunnel South’ and ’Ramps and Portals’ that were signed between Femern A/S and the construction consortium Femern Link Contractors (FLC) on 30 May 2016.


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20.05.2020 (729 Clicks)

Flatiron awarded Rehabilitation and Lane Replacements Project in Los Angeles

Flatiron has been awarded a contract for a key project to rehabilitate a nearly 10-mile stretch of State Route 210 in the Los Angeles community. Work on the more than $135 million contract for the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) is expected to commence later this spring. Flatiron is one of the largest infrastructure contractors in North America.


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19.05.2020 (705 Clicks)

Mann+Hummel Filter Cubes now also provide clean Air in Heilbronn, South Korea and Brazil

  • 26 filter columns to be installed on main traffic road in Heilbronn
  • Filter Cubes in leisure park and residential complex near Seoul reduce air particulate matter
  • In Brazil, Mann+Hummel is helping to reduce particulate matter in the center of Indaiatuba

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