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15.07.2020 (619 Clicks)

Major provides Support through free virtual Training Series

Major, a leading global manufacturer of high-performance wire screening media, offers aggregate and mining producers access to the company’s free virtual training series to help operations optimize efficiency and team learning amid the conditions caused by Covid-19. The on-demand webinars provide practical tips involving screen media, screen boxes and the screening process.


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14.07.2020 (730 Clicks)

Flatiron wins U.S. Highway 50 Widening and Rehab Project in California

Flatiron has reached an agreement with the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) to widen and rehabilitate 53.6 lane miles of U.S. Highway 50 between Watt Avenue and Interstate 5 in Sacramento, California.


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14.07.2020 (625 Clicks)

Cimic's Thiess awarded Lake Vermont Coal Mine Extension in Australia

Cimic Group’s global mining services provider, Thiess, has been awarded a contract extension by Jellinbah Group to continue to provide mining services at its Lake Vermont Coal Mine in Queensland.


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14.07.2020 (658 Clicks)

Thinkproject's BIM/CAD Software supporting the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel

The plans are ready and the contracts are signed to connect Germany and Denmark via an 18 km long immersed tunnel. The so called Fehmarnbelt tunnel will be the world's longest of its type for both road and rail. Good preparation and use of the BIM/CAD software of thinkproject should lead to the opening of the tunnel in 2028.


Europe connected

The Fehmarnbelt tunnel is an important part of the European transport network. It provides a much faster connection between Hamburg and Copenhagen. Along with the Øresund fixed link between Copenhagen and Malmö, the Fehmarnbelt link will bring Scandinavia and Central Europe closer together via the so-called North-South corridor. Important for economic and touristic activities. And good to know that the Fehmarnbelt project will be undertaken with the greatest possible respect for nature and the environment. Around 150 internationally renowned biologists, geographers, landscape planners and engineers are involved in the project.

An ambitious construction

The Fehmarnbelt tunnel will comprise a four-lane motorway and two electrified rail tracks. It will replace the ferry link between the German city of Puttgarden and the Danish city of Rødbyhavn. It will take ten minutes to travel from Denmark to Germany by car and seven minutes by train, thereby cutting two hours from the 4h 40m needed to travel by rail between Copenhagen and Hamburg and one hour from the 5h 40m required by road.

Ambitious plans, ambitious software platform

The budget for the total construction of this ambitious tunnel plan DKK 52bn or EUR 6.9bn. The EU Commission has designated the Fehmarn link as a priority project and has therefore provisionally allocated DKK 1.7bn in support of design costs and DKK 5.3bn for construction costs to the project.

The ambition regarding the plans for the tunnel were the same regarding the BIM software platform they wanted to work with. After an elaborated pitch, Femern A/S awarded thinkproject with this contract. First, due to the completeness of the solution, comprising the following elements:

  • The System is delivered as a SaaS solution.
  • The System is certified to ISO 27001 by TÜV Rheinland.
  • Data is encrypted on servers.
  • Network traffic is encrypted for sensitive data.
  • Data center is physically secured and provided with a disaster recovery plan.
  • Integrality is ensured by a dedicated security team.

BIM - Building Information Management

One of the advantages for Femern A/S is that the System architecture is designed as modules to handle different aspects of data management in a Common Data Environment. There are specific modules to keep track of the delivery of design packages (Delivery Management) and to keep track of interdependencies using methods for classification, versioning, data container, packaging and linking (Design Management).

Data management and organisation:

The platform is built up out of 'containers' containing three elemental data building blocks: metadata, data files, and logging. The tracking can be done either by being captured as metadata, as an attachment, a reference to another container or a link to an external repository.

BIM and CAD Management:

Open design data in IFC or other open formats (e. g. PDF, LandXML) can be managed in parallel with the proprietary files in one container. Viewing of point clouds and support of other types of data like pictures and spatial scannings is included. All BIM/CAD models and respective 2D drawings can be combined in coordination models for review, analyses, and archiving. The interdependencies of the design and controlling data are managed using methods for classification, versioning, data container, packaging, and linking.

Workflow support:

The thinkproject environment can support the defined workflows. The user is guided through several steps making it easy to overview the process. Based on the defined metadata for a data file the thinkproject environment can automatically select the applicable reviewers, approvers etc. After initiation of a workflow the first user will get notified.

Audit proof:

The System supports a double layered approach for logging and traceability. All actions, workflow progress, actions related to files, i.e. models and documents, are available for the end-user with the right credentials, in an accessible way.

Towards a successful cooperation

We are honoured to be able to contribute to a proper and successful construction of the Fehmarnbelt tunnel in order to let cars and trains drive through the tunnel in 2028. Thinkproject your partner in construction intelligence.

Source: thinkproject

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10.07.2020 (697 Clicks)

Evergreen Tractor & Kimball Equipment team up to represent Superior in Northwest U.S.

Superior Industries, Inc., a US-based manufacturer and global supplier of bulk material processing and handling systems, announced a unique new partnership that will benefit construction aggregate producers in the Northwest United States. Evergreen Tractor is partnering with Kimball Equipment to represent Superior’s crushing, screening, washing and conveying equipment in Washington, Oregon and throughout Idaho’s panhandle.


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10.07.2020 (671 Clicks)

Skanska builds the South Coast Rail expansion, Fall River Secondary Line in MA, USA

Skanska has, as part of a joint venture with D.W. White Construction, signed a contract with Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) to build the Fall River Secondary Line, the first major package of the South Coast Rail Phase 1 Expansion in Massachusetts, USA.


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10.07.2020 (702 Clicks)

Skanska builds new Bridge in Trondheim, Norway

Skanska has signed a contract with the Norwegian Public Roads Administration on the construction of a new bridge in Trondheim, Norway. The contract is worth NOK 805 M, about SEK 800 M, which will be included in the Nordic order bookings for the third quarter 2020.


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09.07.2020 (627 Clicks)

Superior expanding to Southeast Asia with Keepmining as Dealer Partner

Superior Industries, Inc., a global manufacturer and supplier of bulk material processing and handling systems, announced a new distribution partnership with KeepMining. The Singapore-based company will represent Superior’s growing line of crushing, screening, washing and conveying equipment in several countries throughout Southeast Asia, including India, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, South Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, Cambodia, Laos, Singapore, Bhutan and Brunei.


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09.07.2020 (919 Clicks)

The Mining Technology Excellence Awards

Mining Technology will be launching its first ever Awards, the Mining Technology Excellence Awards, celebrating innovation and excellence within the mining sector.


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08.07.2020 (732 Clicks)

Sydney Metro – Western Sydney Airport Project Community Survey

The Sydney Metro - Western Sydney Airport project is the new metro railway line which will service Greater Western Sydney and the new Western Sydney International (Nancy-Bird Walton) Airport.


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World’s longest Railway Tunnel Project – supported by innovative Conveyor Digitalisation and reliable Engineering

World’s longest Railway Tunnel Project – supported by innovative Conveyor Digitalisation and reliable Engineering

17. October 2022 (430 Clicks)

The consortium BTC Brennero Tunnel Construction and the Hosch Group jointly delivered on a world-class tunnelling project by combining excellent engineering with the innovative remote monitoring system Hoschiris Discover.  

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RAG-Technikchronik - Buch 1: Technikentwicklung und Forschung der RAG

RAG-Technikchronik - Buch 1: Technikentwicklung und Forschung der RAG

27. December 2019 (1975 Clicks)

Das Buch 1 "Technikentwicklung und Forschung der RAG" behandelt zusammenfassend die Ergebnisse der Bücher 2 bis 6 und ergänzt um das Thema Lagerstätte aus dem Buch 7. Das Thema „Forschung und Entwicklung“ wird genauso behandelt, wie der Streckenausbau, die Entwicklung der Technikbereiche, die Bergwerksautomatisierung und die Unternehmensdigitalisierung.  

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13.04.2022 (673 Clicks)

Skanska signs Contract for Work at Wastewater Resource Recovery Facility in NY, USA

Skanska has, as part of a joint venture with R.J. Industries, Inc., signed a ...  

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Microtunnel Boring Machine breaks new Ground with mineral oil-free hydraulic Fluids from German Specialists

25.03.2022 (650 Clicks)

Microtunnel Boring Machine breaks new Ground with mineral oil-free hydraulic Fluids from German Specialists

The Saarbrücken civil engineering contractor SaarGrundbau has successful...  

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23.05.2022 (627 Clicks)

Metso Outotec wins Order for large Iron Ore Pellet Plant in Oman

Metso Outotec has signed an agreement for the delivery of engineering and key...  

#Metso Outotec #Vulcan Engineering Co. #processing

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09.06.2022 (611 Clicks)

Femern A S and SICE-COBRA sign multi-billion Contract

On Monday 30 May, Femern A/S and SICE-COBRA have signed the contract for the ...  

#Sociedad Ibérica de Construcciones Eléctricas (SICE) #Cobra Instalaciones y Servicios (Grupo Cobra) #Femern A/S #Tunnelling #Traffic tunnels

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