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GeoResources Journal for Resources, Mining, Tunnelling, Geotechnics, Equipment and Energy

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GeoResources Journal 2-2017

06. June 2017
( 29392 Clicks / 24169 Downloads )

ISSN: Print 2364-8422 / Online 2364-8430

We are pleased to present to you the issue 2-2017 of the English Journal GeoResources.

Here is the table of contents. To download the GeoResources Journal - click on the cover, please!

Citation     Page: 5–6

The Future of Mining in the 21st Century

Future mining has to face major challenges and needs to embrace five revolutions – the social, energy, environmental, education as well as technology revolution.

Citation     Page: 7–10

New Tire Product Lines for Construction and Mining Vehicles

The GeoResources team interviewed Christian Luther, Product Line Manager Earthmover Tires at Continental Commercial Specialty Tires about the new Tire Product Lines for Construction and Mining Vehicles.

Citation     Page: 11–14

Foundation Piling for the New Champlain Bridge Corridor Project in Canada

The new Champlain Bridge in Montreal, Canada, is one of the largest infrastructure projects in Eastern Canada. Bauer’s scope was 200 concrete piles – 190 piles drilled from land or jetties and 10 marine piles drilled offshore from a barge in the St. Lawrence. The project team had to meet the aggressive schedule, adverse weather conditions and strict safety, quality and environmental challenges.

Citation     Page: 15–19

Design Method for structional Fire Protection in Traffic Tunnels using a Mining Construction Method

The theoretical verification of a fire incident for tunnel structures using the Advanced Calculation Method of the DIN EN 1992-1-2 involves a complex procedure. The results obtained from two representative tunnel cross-sections are presented. In the process, the application of PP fibre concrete is taken into consideration as a structural protection measure.

Citation     Page: 20–24

Gaskets for Sealing Segments in the Boßler Tunnel and innovative Developments

The Datwyler Group is constantly advancing the development of sealing systems for segmental tunnels. To this end, it makes use of the experience gained from some 650 tunnel projects worldwide. This article examines innovative developments for overcoming tricky, ever-changing geological marginal conditions and for enhancing efficiency during installation. Examples of projects – especially the Boßler Tunnel – serve to clarify practical use.

Citation     Page: 25–34

Criterion for Predicting the Risk of a Gripper TBM Jamming

Jamming or blocking of the cutter head of a tunnel boring machine (TBM) represents a high risk for a tunnel excavation. Extensive investigations have been carried out for tunnel boring machines with shield and double-shield machines and criteria devised for design and dimensioning purposes. These approaches cannot be transposed to tunnelling with a Gripper TBM as the stress deformation behaviour of the rock differs. This article examines three-dimensional numerical parameter studies for analysing the stress deformation behaviour of the rock for excavations using a Gripper TBM and diagrams subsequently derived from them for estimating the risk of a Gripper TBM jamming.

Citation     Page: 35–36

Clean Air for Australian Highway and Tunnel Construction in the “WestConnex” major Project

CFT GmbH Compact Filter Technic is providing 35 systems including Korfmann fan stations for low noise and energy-saving dedusting for the “WestConnex” highway and tunnel construction project in Sydney, Australia.

Citation     Page: 37–40

In-situ Bioextraction of Industry Metals from deep Ore Deposits to secure EU Resource Supply

The Biomore research programme brings together 22 European and non-European partners from industry and research. The project aims at developing an environmentally-friendly method for the extraction of technology metals from poorly accessible, i.e. deep ore deposits. To this end, the metals are extracted by combining deep drilling, fracturing and in-situ bioleaching. The pregnant leach solution is further processed at the surface. GeoResources interviewed the project manager on important aspects of the project.

Citation     Page: 41–45

Responsible Mining Business participates in Solutions to the World’s big Problems

BHP is the world‘s largest mining house led by CEO Andrew Mackenzie. Read about Andrew Mackenzie‘s multidisciplinary approach in mining business to participate in solutions to the world‘s big problems – population growth, poverty, economic inequity and jobs for young people.

Citation     Page: 45–50

No nuclear Power – no Disposal Facility?

Even if countries have no nuclear power programme they often produce radioactive waste, e. g. from medical, industrial and research facilities, and have to responsibly deal with low amounts of the waste. This article discusses the challenge and different concepts for safe and affordable disposal solutions.

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