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GeoResources Journal 2-2015

15. July 2015
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ISSN: Print 2364-8422 / Online 2364-8430

#König, Manfred #Brummermann, Katrin

We are pleased to present to you the GeoResources Journal issue 2-2015.

Here is the table of contents. To download the GeoResources Journal - please click on the cover!

#Download #GeoResources Journal #equipment #resources #Mining #Tunnelling #Geotechnics #Energy

Citation     Page: 5–6

German Expertise for securing Natural Resources

#Wedig, Martin

“The industrial value creation chain requires a continuous and reliable raw material supply in the long term. German mining activities abroad actively contribute towards securing natural resources for Germany and the European Union. We aim to nurture and encourage them as well as continuing to expand medium-sized mining enterprises at home and abroad in keeping with requirements”.

#resource politics #resources #raw material supply #supply security #German Fed. of Intern. Mining and Mineral Resources (FAB) #Germany (DE) #Download #Foreword #European Union #Mining #Energy #Mining services #Shaft sinking services #specialist mining contracting #exploration #road heading

Citation     Page: 8–11

Creative geotechnical Solutions for Renovating the Dresden Old Masters Picture Gallery in the Zwinger – Part 1: Foundations for a new Freight Elevator

#Jähnig, Jens #Geppert, Annett

Renovating the Old Masters Picture Gallery in the east wing of the Zwinger in Dresden also represents a sophisticated task in geotechnical terms. Part 1 of this report provides a few brief general details on the renovation project. It then deals with how the piles required for the freight elevator were installed. The tricky subsoil, conservation and the fact that the museum had to remain open were special challenges.

#Dresdnen Zwinger #Download #GeoResources Journal #project report #piles #monument protection #creativity #Geotechnics #restructuring, rehabilitation

Citation     Page: 12–17

Creating an innovative geothermal Point Heating System

#Schink, Damian

The availability of points during the winter months is of key significance for rail services running smoothly. In order to ensure that the switch blades, the moving parts of switches, do not freeze, they are kept free of snow and ice by means of heating systems. Apart from conventional electric and gas-operated heating systems a geothermal switch heating system that does not require an external power source is now available, which is approved by the Federal Railway Authority in Germany (EBA). This new technology opens the way for energy-conscious and low-cost heating.

#sustainability #track point heating #innovation #Download #case study #GeoResources Journal #infrastructure #Deutsche Bahn #railway #cost reduction #Pintsch GmbH #Energy #Geotechnics #Near-surface geothermal energy #geothermal energy, well mining

Citation     Page: 45–46

Bringing the Benefits of Mobile Computing to the Mining Industry

#Funk, Christian

Mining is an industry in transition. Mobile technology can help to increase the efficiency and to acquire and relay data from anywhere. Thus, mobile computers and tablets have to address mobile computing requirements in harsh environments.

#efficiency #internet of things #suppliers #supplying industry #mobile computing #equipment #Download #GeoResources Journal #product presentation #Mining #industry 4.0, mining 4.0 #data logging # #BIG Data analysis

Citation     Page: 18–27

Gotthard Base Tunnel: The Sedrun Shaft Hoisting Resources – Part 1: Tunnel Construction Phase

#Flender, Michael

The 57 km long Gotthard Base Tunnel was produced in five contract sections with three intermediate points of attack. The Sedrun intermediate point of attack consists of two blind shafts some 820 m deep, which could only be reached via a roughly one kilometre long access tunnel. The complex, tricky general conditions and the high demands placed on the availability of the shaft hoisting system were and still are a particular challenge for building and operating the facilities. This report in Part 1 deals with constructing and operating the shaft hoisting system in the form of a rock, material and manriding shaft and installations to cool the air in the Faido tunnel section during the excavation phase. Part 2 examines the dismantling and modiication of the shafts and the functions of the ultimate hoisting facilities in the Sedrun shafts during the rail tunnel’s operational phase.

#Download #GeoResources Journal #project report #air conditioning #Gotthard-Base-Tunnel #THYSSEN SCHACHTBAU GMBH #AlpTransit Gotthard AG #SIEMAG TECBERG GmbH #Tunnelling #Traffic tunnels #shaft sinking #mine air heating / air cooling systems #shaft hoisting facilities

Citation     Page: 28–33

Innovative Crossover TBM Excavation at the Grosvenor Coal Mine in Australia

#Stone, Liz #Willis, Desiree

A coal mine in Australia is the first in the nation to utilize Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM) for mine access. The highly successful debut of mechanized mining at the Anglo American Coal Mine ultimately achieved rates 14 times faster than the traditionally used roadheader method. Not only that, but the TBM was a unique type of hybrid machine known as a Crossover (XRE) TBM – capable of excavating in both hard rock and EPB modes. This paper will discuss the challenges and triumphs of the Crossover TBM excavation at the Grosvenor Coal Mine, and the potential for TBM usage in mines worldwide..

#Download #GeoResources Journal #project report #Australia (AU) #innovation #Robbins Company #Mining #Tunnelling #Shafts/Inclined Shafts #surface mining, quarrying #underground mining #tunnel boring machines (TBM)

Citation     Page: 34–39

Kazakhstan: Driving Headings at great Depths in tricky Rock in a Chrome Ore Mine

#Hübscher, Sergej #Stangl, Franz #Hoppe, Eugen #Eisfeld, Werner #Schmidt, Olaf

The chrome ore reserves in Kazakhstan are numbered among the biggest and richest anywhere in the world. Tricky geological conditions involving major convergences have to be countered by heading technology tried-and-tested in Germany. Towards this end, two German mining enterprises founded a subsidiary in Kazakhstan in 2011. In October 2012, it was awarded a contract for driving 4,150 m of headings. On August 15, 2013, initial blasting took place at a depth of some 900 m for the “Producing a headway at level –480 m at the ‘10th Anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence Mine’ project”. Following a difficult start-up phase in 2013 and a good start to 2014, around 1,250 m of heading with bends, station areas and roadway junctions had been produced until Mid April 2015.

#Kazakhstan (KZ) #Download #GeoResources Zeitschrift #project report #Chromite #ore mining #GeoResources Journal #THYSSEN SCHACHTBAU GMBH #Schachtbau Nordhausen GmbH (SBN) #Mining #Mining services #specialist mining contracting #road heading

Citation     Page: 40–44

Selecting Parameters of Cutter-Loader Drums for specific Operating Conditions

#Zich, Alexej #Linnik, Yu. N. #Linnik, V. Yu.

Cutting-loading machines that are currently manufactured have capabilities consistent with the averaged operating conditions. Therefore, sometimes, especially when coal beds contain difficult-to-break dirt beds and large hard inclusions, capability of cutter-loaders falls short of the standards accepted for the machine output, dynamic load, coal sizing and reliability. This is in some measure justified in case of a low face output. However, in longwalling or horizonface mining, it is required to select each cutting-loading machine individually, from the view point of both enhancement of productivity and improvement of coal sizing. This first of all relates to cutting bits that come in direct contact with coal and generate overall and dynamic loading of the machine. In connection with this, the research has been undertaken aimed at creation of database on coal cutability on the one hand and at development of a procedure and programme support for choosing parameters of working organs of cutter-loaders meant for specific operating conditions.

#Download #GeoResources Journal #cutter-loader drums #hard coal #cutability #Russia (RU) #State University of Management, Moscow #Mining #underground mining #shearer loaders

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Increasing social Acceptance in the Management of Tailings Storage Facilities (TSF)

Increasing social Acceptance in the Management of Tailings Storage Facilities (TSF)

28. October 2021 (1929 Clicks)


#Mining #abandoned mining #Monitoring

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Buchreihe: Dokumentation der technischen Entwicklung bei der RAG

Buchreihe: Dokumentation der technischen Entwicklung bei der RAG

22. June 2022 (456 Clicks)

Die Aufgabe der Buchreihe „Dokumentation der technischen Entwicklung bei der RAG“ ist es, das in den vergangenen 50 Jahren im deutschen Steinkohlenbergbau erlangte Fachwissen zu sichern, zu verbreiten und künftigen technischen Entwicklungen Impulse zu geben. Über das Sammeln von Daten und Fakten hinaus stellt die auf insgesamt acht Bücher angelegte Reihe wichtiges Fach- und Lehrmaterial für Betrieb, Praxis und Studium dar.  

#RAG Aktiengesellschaft #Mining #underground mining #abandoned mining #Digitisation #ventilators

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