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GeoResources Journal for Resources, Mining, Tunnelling, Geotechnics, Equipment and Energy

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GeoResources Journal 1-2020

17. April 2020
( 11241 Clicks / 10755 Downloads )

ISSN: Print 2364-8422 / Online 2364-8430

We are pleased to present to you the issue 1-2020 of the English Journal GeoResources.

Here is the table of contents. To download the GeoResources Journal - click on the cover, please!

Citation     Page: 5–6

Opportunities in Times of Crisis

A presentation entitled ‘Never waste a good crisis’ and the current and all-consuming coronavirus outbreak have inspired to look at the opportunities that present themselves in times of crisis. By making sensible decisions, taking clear actions and finding new pathways we will be able to take advantage of future opportunities – for our society, our businesses and our private lives.

Citation     Page: 7–10

High Risk Potential of Hose Lines on modern high-pressure Compressors

Working with high-pressure equipment on construction sites that operate modern air compressors presents a high risk of serious accidents. The article raises awareness to this particular hazard and provides advice on selecting suitable hose line systems and on their correct operation and handling at the workplace.

Citation     Page: 11–16

Innovative high-performance super self-drilling Micropiles and their possible Applications

Self-drilling micropiles allow flexible use of drilling equipment, enable the installation of long micropiles even in confined spaces and obtain a high drilling performance with very low vibrations. This article presents an innovative high-performance self-drilling micropile with an internal load bearing capacity of approx. 6,500kN. The further product development and experience gained from installation tests are explained. Furthermore, the efficiency of the use of a bored pile, a group of micropiles or and a single high-performance micropile is compared.

Citation     Page: 17–24

Long-term Experience in Stabilising Slopes with high-tensile Wire Mesh

This article deals with the long-term behaviour of slope stabilisation projects using high-tensile wire mesh. Experience from three case studies from 2000 and 2005, which were visually inspected 11, 13 and 17 years after installation, and investigations of the corrosion-protective coating of the wires are used to estimate the service life.

Citation     Page: 25–26

Professional Sealing of Storage Pond in the Alps

The traditional ski resort of Glungezer is located near the Tyrolean capital Innsbruck in Austria, and artificial snowmaking is scheduled to be used for the first time here. The heart of the scheme is a storage pond sealed with geomembranes produced by AGRU Kunststofftechnik GmbH.

Citation     Page: 27–30

Technology Trends for mechanised Tunnelling in soft Ground

Since the 1970s in particular mechanised tunnelling technology has been increasing its share of the market at the expense of conventional tunnel engineering, a trend that has seen the development of ever larger tunnelling shields. The paper analyses some 274 individual projects in order to assess the impact of key machine parameters such as shield diameter, drive power, torque and rate of advance. It also traces the way in which these various parameters have developed over time.

Citation     Page: 31–32

Underground down under

The sustainable expansion of the Sydney Metro rail system is aimed at maintaining the quality of life in Australia’s biggest city and currently ranks as the country’s largest public transportation project. This article presents an overview of the scheme.

Citation     Page: 33–34

Formwork Solutions for Tunnel Concrete Linings at the Sydney Metro Project

Doka supplies formwork engineering services, material and equipment for the mined tunnel concrete linings at the Sydney Metro project. It is the company’s largest-ever involvement in major tunnel engineering works.

Citation     Page: 35–37

Mining Vehicle Supplier goes electric

The last German colliery has closed and orders from the German hard coal industry are now a thing of the past: but rather than complaining the mining supplier SMT Scharf is looking to the future – and is converting its diesel vehicles to electric for the global deep mining industry.

Citation     Page: 38–44

Selected Shaft Renovation Projects

The paper describes three ongoing and/or recently completed shaft renovation projects undertaken in Germany by the specialist mining contractor Redpath Deilmann GmbH, Dortmund: the Konradsberg shaft in Heilbronn, the Zielitz 1 shaft in Magdeburg and the Neurode shaft in Heringen, Hessen.

Citation     Page: 45–50

Modelling of Lignite Seams targeted by prior Mining Operations

The lignite mining areas of central Europe are increasingly encountering extraction zones that were previously worked by both opencast and underground mining methods, in some cases with significant mining losses. The paper uses the example of Amsdorf opencast mine to present the potential offered by 3D modelling of these areas, which are now attracting interest due to the high demand for natural resources.

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Buchreihe: Dokumentation der technischen Entwicklung bei der RAG

Buchreihe: Dokumentation der technischen Entwicklung bei der RAG

22. June 2022 (399 Clicks)

Die Aufgabe der Buchreihe „Dokumentation der technischen Entwicklung bei der RAG“ ist es, das in den vergangenen 50 Jahren im deutschen Steinkohlenbergbau erlangte Fachwissen zu sichern, zu verbreiten und künftigen technischen Entwicklungen Impulse zu geben. Über das Sammeln von Daten und Fakten hinaus stellt die auf insgesamt acht Bücher angelegte Reihe wichtiges Fach- und Lehrmaterial für Betrieb, Praxis und Studium dar.  

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