JD Neuhaus – Site Monitoring and Maintenance for Dry Dusty Materials

It is well known that transporting dry dusty materials can create explosive atmospheres. Four conditions have to exist in order for the explosive state to occur. First of all there needs to be high concentration of dust, then there must be oxygen and there should also be an ignition source. If all of these appear in a confined space – an explosion will happen.

The most common ignition sources have long been identified as over‐heated bearings, misaligned belt, slipping belt and misaligned pulleys. The industry is saturated with various sensors and controllers that monitor those conditions and stop the machines automatically to prevent explosions. These systems (including a variety of systems from 4B) work really well, but there is one big problem with all of them. All these systems rely on the on‐site personnel not to modify the system in order to run in bypass mode. With the ever‐growing demands on the performance and efficiency of terminals and processing facilities, it is understandable that a shift manager may make a decision under pressure to keep a leg in operation even after an alarm has been detected. One can appreciate that there still are a number of ways to cheat the safety system and carry on running regardless of the dangers imposed to equipment and personnel.
4B Components have identified this problem and created a solution that will revolutionise the industry by introducing a greater level of transparency and record keeping. is a secure cloud based industrial monitoring solution that allows any registered user to login and see all their facilities in real‐time from anywhere in the world. This product offers seamless integration with 4B’s communication BUS system – the T500 Elite “Hotbus”.

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