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New Holland Construction will launch new W170C Recycler wheel loader at Bauma 2013

New Holland builds on the success of its W170C wheel loader in the Recycling industry, due in great part to its exceptionally low fuel consumption as low as 10 litres/hour and best-in-class bucket payload, by launching a new version specially designed for the very tough, aggressive and dusty working conditions typical of waste handling and recycling facilities:

  • New Heavy Duty cooling box designed for extra efficient cleaning
  • Full package of protections for extra operator safety and machine durability
  • More power, less fuel consumption and more uptime with SCR Tier 4 interim solution
  • More safety indoors with SCR that stops sparks
  • More pushing power and faster cycles with Ecoshift
  • More grip and less wear with the Heavy Duty axles with open differentials and 100% diff lock
  • More fuel economy with ECO Mode and ECOSTOP.

New Heavy Duty cooling box copes with the most extreme dusty conditions

New Holland’s unique cooling system design, where radiators are placed forming a box rather than the traditional approach of having them overlapped, ensures maximum cooling efficiency and makes it easy to clean the radiators.

For the Recycling industry, where conditions are particularly dusty, New Holland has gone one step further to avoid clogging of the radiators and the consequent machine stoppages: the radiator in the W170C Recycler is built with more space between the fins so that dust and debris are easily blown away by the reversible fan.

In addition, the cooling box is mounted behind the cab, far from the rear of the machine and from the ground, away from the dust. This placement is possible because of the rear-mounted engine, which has the added advantage of easier maintenance from ground level all round the back of the loader. This design results in a bigger load in your bucket, making the W170C the most productive loader in the 15-ton class today.

A full package of protections for the toughest working environment

Wood and solid components in waste can cause damage to the machine, if they fall from the bucket onto the lifting cylinders or the windshield, or if they get stacked in the machine’s articulation or under its belly. The W170C Recycler comes with a full package of protection guards for hoses, lights, cylinders, transmission shaft, fuel tank, windscreen, axles, front and rear chassis to ensure the operator’s safety, enhance the machine’s durability and protect its residual value.

More power and fuel economy with SCR Tier 4 interim solution

The advantage of New Holland’s Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) after-treatment solution lies in the high combustion temperatures and the elimination of exhaust gas recirculation, which allows for optimised engine combustion. The result is more power density with less fuel; the engine delivers 950 N.m at 1300 rpm with just 6.7 litres; the high combustion temperatures cut particulates emissions by 90%.

More uptime with SCR

SCR doesn’t require a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), so that no fuel is used to burn PM in a DPF: it all goes to push in the pile. The machine never needs to stop for a parked DPF regeneration, so no time is wasted. Moreover, the operator can turn the key and stop working at any time, as there is no need to wait for the DPF to complete regeneration, which can require up to 50 minutes. All this results in optimised uptime, which is particularly valuable in recycling operations that typically work round the clock.

More safety indoors with SCR, the spark stopper

A further benefit of New Holland’s SCR solution is greater safety on recycling jobsites, which are typically vulnerable to fire ignition risks: the system sprays AdBlue fluid in the exhaust to reduce NOx emissions by 50%, killing the sparks in the exhaust in the process. In addition, the maximum temperatures reached by the catalyst are about 50% lower than those of a DPF during regeneration, further lowering the risk of fire ignition.

More pushing power and faster cycles with EcoShift

The EcoShift consists of three elements, which add up to maximum efficiency and fast cycle times. The lock-up of the torque converter is activated automatically during travelling, eliminating viscous losses, resulting in higher efficiency and 12% more pushing power available in second gear and faster acceleration. It is activated from 7km/h, when the second gear is engaged in order to maximise efficiency. It also enables the operator to climb steep slopes without downshifting to first gear. The five-speed transmission enables the operator to work at lower rpm and fully use the engine’s outstanding torque, resulting in more efficiency and faster cycle times. When braking, power inch prevents bouncing due to the automatic transmission cut off; on slopes, it acts as a hill holder, increasing the operator’s comfort and reducing fatigue.

More traction and less tire wear with heavy duty axles with open differentials and 100% front diff lock

The open differentials mean that no friction is applied to reduce wheel slip, resulting in less tyre wear and lower energy losses. The front differential lock means that 100% of the available torque goes to the wheel with adherence – a big step up from the 60% of a limited slip differential.

Even more fuel economy with ECO Mode and ECOSTOP

The W170C also features a new ECO working mode, which optimises engine curves and gear shifting strategy, achieving as much as 25% lower fuel usage than the MAX mode. Fuel efficiency is further enhanced with the ECOSTOP feature, which automatically shuts down the engine and the electric system after 5 minutes of idling, so there is no fuel waste and the turbocharger has the time to slow down and cool before it is turned off.

More cost savings with the W170C Recycler

All these features make the W170C Recycler the best wheel loader available for recycling operations, as it offers:

  • The most fuel efficient tier 4 interim technology: SCR
  • The most fuel efficient transmission: Ecoshift
  • The most reliable cooling system for dusty jobsites: the Heavy Duty Cooling Box
  • And a host of cost saving features such as ECOSTOP, ECO Mode, open differential with front diff lock and a full package of protections.
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