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STEINERT: Growth continues

The year 2012 was a period of growth for STEINERT, a full-range supplier of magnet- and sensor-based sorting solutions for the recycling and mineral industries. Group turnover, employee numbers and the degree of global networking all continued to increase.

Particularly encouraging were the above-average improvements in turnover and earnings at the subsidiaries. STEINERT posted particularly impressive growth in Brazil, the USA and Zittau. This growth is clearly reflected in the turnover of the subsidiaries relative to the overall turnover. This figure, which amounted to 42% in 2011, increased to 47% in 2012. The subsidiaries’ contribution to the Group’s result rose from 16% to 34%. The turnover of STEINERT Elektromagnetbau GmbH fell slightly from 57.1 million in 2011 to 56.1 million euro (-1.9%) in 2012.

With these results, it will be possible to invest in the Cologne location and promote the further growth of the Group without the need for outside financial support.

STEINERT US moved into a new building in Walton (Kentucky) in the middle of last year. STEINERT’s North American headquarters has now been enlarged to a 3,750-square-metre plant as a result of this step. A test laboratory, manufacturing facility, repair workshop and an extended spare parts store can now serve customers’ needs. From this new location, STEINERT will be even better placed to meet the requirements of markets around the globe — particularly those of the US market — in the area of sorting technology. In addition, the company will be able to provide the associated services in an even more customer focussed manner.

STEINERT Latinoamericana concluded its relocation within Belo Horizonte (Brazil) a few months later. Here too, STEINERT is now able to carry out tests and has manufacturing capacity available. The enlargement of the facility has increased both the proximity to customers and manufacturing flexibility.
RTT STEINERT GmbH boosted its turnover considerably in the past business year by 89% compared with the previous year. Its integration into the STEINERT Group was thus successfully concluded and the synergies — particularly those generated by STEINERT’s global sales network — positively influenced the development of the company.

In cooperation with IMS Engineering (Pty) Ltd., STEINERT has opened an additional test centre in South Africa. With this move, it has successfully closed the last gap in its coverage of the world’s most important mining regions.
The high booking rate of the test centres in Germany, the USA, Australia and South Africa by STEINERT customers shows "that we are on track for success with our globalization strategy" says Eric Adams, Director Sales.
The classic magnet technology is usually the first step in any recycling process.
New developments in the area of sensor technology are extending the latter’s areas of application. The UniSort® Flake, which is based on near infra-red technology or colour cameras, represents an innovation in the area of sensor solutions. It was presented live, at IFAT ENTSORGA, the RWM in Birmingham and the Poleko in Poland. At these venues, interested trade specialists were able to see for themselves what the high resolution machine, which is just three metres long, is capable of when it comes to sorting plastic according to colour.

The business unit ANOFOL is also continually developing and expanding its international activities. It specializes in not only splitting and anodizing aluminium strip but also producing special coils made of such anodized aluminium strip. ANOFOL has opened an office in the USA. Turnover in the recently concluded business year were slightly down on the previous year’s very high result due to the economic climate.

In the current business year ANOFOL has set up an office in Singapore. With a dealership in China and the expansion of the service network in order to improve costumer orientation the business will continue to grow.

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