All-new AutotriaxQube revolutionizes triaxial Testing

Wykeham Farrance, a division of Controls, is excited to announce the launch of the AutotriaxQube, which is set to revolutionize triaxial testing for laboratories around the world. The all-in-one automatic triaxial testing system has been meticulously designed to make triaxial testing easier than ever before.


Normet launches new Technologies for Concrete Spraying

Normet brought their sprayed concrete layer thickness control system, the SmartScan, to the market in 2019. The SmartScan is aimed at all underground sprayed concrete applications to deliver accurate and reliable sprayed concrete layer thickness information for the sprayer operator, and fast and easy reporting for management purposes.


Sandvik stellt PowerCarbide SH69 vor: ein bahnbrechendes Hartmetall in der Imloch-Bohrtechnik

Sandviks leistungsfähigste Hartmetallsorten für Gesteinswerkzeuge - zusammengefasst unter dem Namen PowerCarbide™ - bieten eine einzigartige Kombination aus Festigkeit, Härte, Zähigkeit und Verschleißfestigkeit und verbessern sowohl die Bohrleistung als auch die Wirtschaftlichkeit. SH69, eine neue PowerCarbide™-Sorte, die speziell für Imlochbohranwendungen entwickelt wurde, kann die Standzeit von Bohrkronen um bis zu 45 Prozent erhöhen.


Metso Outotec Innovation Center is live – a unique Way to collaborate on Mining and Metals Processes

Designing mining and metals processes to match the demand for increased operating efficiency and sustainability requires fast and seamless collaboration from the industry and its suppliers. At the same time, the need for suitable virtual environments in which to quickly develop and test flowsheet solutions and prototypes has become paramount. Metso Outotec is now unveiling the Innovation Center, which brings together the comprehensive value chain from ore to metals and enables rapid co-creation with customers and partners. The first Metso Outotec Innovation Center is located in Espoo, Finland.


Sika achieves Breakthrough in Concrete Recycling by Developing a ground-breaking new Process

Sika has developed a new, ground-breaking recycling process for old concrete. The old concrete is broken down into the individual parts gravel, sand and limestone in a simple and efficient process, which also binds about 60 kg of CO2 per ton of crushed concrete demolition waste. This innovation - with the brand name «reCO2ver» - will make a significant contribution to reduce the ecological footprint of the construction industry.


Sika gelingt Durchbruch beim Betonrecycling mit der Entwicklung eines bahnbrechenden neuen Verfahrens

Sika hat ein neues, bahnbrechendes Wiederverwertungsverfahren für Altbeton entwickelt. Dabei wird Altbeton in einem einfachen und effizienten Verfahren in die Einzelteile Kiesel, Sand und Kalkstein zerlegt, bei dem zudem rund 60 kg CO2 pro Tonne zerkleinertes Beton-Abbruchmaterial gebunden wird. Diese Innovation wird unter dem Markennamen «reCO2ver» wesentlich zur Verkleinerung des ökologischen Fussabdrucks der Bauindustrie beitragen.


Innovative and practical: New features introduced by RTG Rammtechnik GmbH set Standards for Sheet Pile Wall Construction

Traditionally, large trade fairs such as Bauma in Munich offer an opportunity to present new developments in construction equipment technology to a wider professional audience. For years, RTG Rammtechnik GmbH, a company of the Bauer Maschinen Group, is impressively demonstrating its long-term commitment to innovation with a range of new features for the RG telescopic leaders.

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