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Hatch enters strategic Partnership with General Fusion

General Fusion announced that it has entered into an industrial partnership with Hatch Ltd. (Hatch) to bring power plant engineering and other expertise to its Fusion Demonstration Plant project. This partnership includes an investment by Hatch into the recently announced General Fusion USD $65 million Series E financing round.


Pöyry awarded technical Consultancy Assignment for Inter RAO Export Power Plant Project in Cuba

Inter Rao Export LLC, a leading Russian energy company acting as an EPCM Contractor in a number of large international projects, has awarded Pöyry with the assignment for technical audit services provision for the project of the construction of four power units in Cuba: one unit close to TPP "Maximo Gomez" (in the town of Mariel) and the other three at the TPP "East Havana" (in Santa Cruz del Norte, Mayabeque province). The new units will each have 200 MW capacity.


Herrenknecht Borer secures Power Supply in West Africa

In late July 2017, Coleman Microtunnelling, a subsidiary of Bothar Group Australia, successfully completed tunnelling for two power plant cooling water lines in Ghana with a Herrenknecht utility tunnelling machine. The new oil-gas power plant puts the supply of electricity for people and business for the country on the West African Atlantic coast on a more solid foundation.


Pöyry awarded Owner's Engineer Services Assignment for a large gas-fired combined Cycle Power Plant Project in Malaysia

Southern Power Generation Sdn Bhd has awarded Pöyry with an owner's engineer services assignment for a 1,440 MW combined cycle power plant in Johor, Malaysia. Southern Power Generation is a project company established for this independent power producer project and owned by Malaysian state-owned power utility Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) and SIPP Energy Sdn Bhd.


A 5.5 MW electric ORC Power Plant connected to the Grid in Bavaria

On January 13th, Turboden connected to the grid its up to 5.5 MW electric ORC power plant delivered to GKT Geothermische Kraftwerkgesellschaft Traunreut GmbH, a company which operates a geothermal well in Bavaria, Germany. In addition to electrical generation, the ORC will supply up to 12 MW of thermal power to the community of Traunreut.


CGN and EDF Conclude the Agreement for Investment in the Nuclear Power Project of UK

On the afternoon of Oct. 21 (UK local time), the UK-China Business Summit, another major event during President XI Jinping’s visit to the UK, kicked off. Under the testimony of China’s President Xi Jinping and British Prime Minister David Cameron, CGN Group’s President He Yu and EDF’s CEO Jean-Bernard Levy formally signed the Agreement for Investment in the Construction of Nuclear Power Projects in the United Kingdom in London.


Why Vattenfall is taking Germany to Court

A few years from now at the earliest, the International Centre for the Settlement of Investment Disputes in Washington will decide on Vattenfall's demand for compensation from the German state for the loss of revenue from its German nuclear power plants.

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