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25th World Mining Congress in Kazakhstan - Call for Papers

The World Mining Congress (WMC) is a global mining industry event, which is held every three years, has been held once every 2-3 years since 1958 and brings together specialists and scientists from different countries working in the solid mineral deposit – development sector. The World Mining Congress over the history of its existence the number of participating countries of the Congress has increased from 10 to 49 and continues to grow.

The leading institutions along with key suppliers and service companies will present innovative developments in mining industry. The leading experts of mining industry and representatives of related industries from all over the world will give speech at the World Mining Congress. The main objectives of the World Mining Congress are:

  •     promotion of world innovations and exchange of experience with the mining sector experts from all over the world;
  •     development of science and promotion of international scientific and technical cooperation for progress in the MMC;
  •     discussion of the most challenging issues of the MMC and finding solutions;
  •     improving industrial safety and improving environment protection measures.

World Mining Congress 2018: Promotion of fundamental scientific and technological cooperation in the mining industry

On June 19-22, 2018 in Astana the largest industry event that brings together specialists and scientists from 50 countries working in the sphere of development of solid mineral deposits, science and technology, as well as environmental protection and industrial safety - the 25th World Mining Congress (WMC).

Over the years, the WMC has become an important event in the scientific and technical circles of the industry. The largest international companies are looking forward to participating in the congress, where hundreds of the best scientists of the industry present unique scientific developments that are used in production in future. The Congress in Astana will present more than 350 specialized reports of the world’s top-rank institutions. The promotion of fundamental scientific and technological cooperation in the mining industry, exchange of knowledge and experience is a major advantage of the forthcoming event in Astana.

All reports received are thoroughly studied for relevance and scientific value by the International Scientific Committee of the Congress (ISC). At present, the ISC of the WMC consists of the institutions and associations of the largest mining countries: the Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum (CIM), the Austrian Non-Ferrous Metals Association, the German Federation of International Mining and Mineral Resources (FAB), the Chinese National Coal Association and many others.

The key positions at the Committee are held by the prominent names in the scientific community as Professor Michael Carmis (Director of the Virginia Coal and Energy Research Center), Leopold Weber (Vice-Chairman of the WMC), Professor Ferry Hassani (McGill University), Professor Joseph Dubinski (Chairman of the Scientific Council of the Central Mining Institute in Poland) and others.

The well-known experts of the mining industry and representatives of related industries will make a report at the World Mining Congress. The main issues on the agenda of the WMC 2018 will be innovations, sustainable development, occupational safety, rehabilitation of territories after mining operations, automation and robotization of production processes.

It is expected that more than 2,500 specialists, leading experts and key players of the world mining industry, industrial giants from Austria, Great Britain, Ghana, Germany, Iran, Italy, Canada, China, Poland, Russia, the USA, Finland, the Republic of South Africa, Japan and other countries will participate in the World Mining Congress 2018.

The 25th Anniversary World Mining Congress will be held under the slogan: “Innovative Superiority - a Step Forward towards the Growth of the Global Mining Industry” and will cover the issues of geological prospecting, extraction and enrichment, risk assessment, attracting international financial resource and others. The Congress will be attended by the leaders of the state, leading experts of the world scientific community, investors and financial institutions, the largest international universities and associations.

The theses of the reports should be submitted before January 26, 2018. The deadline for submission of the draft version of the report is March 1, 2018.

More information at:here.

Source: Iteca


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