39th Annual Short Course: Grouting Fundamentals and Current Practice

The Cockrell School of Engineering announces that the 39th Annual Short Course Grouting Fundamentals and Current Practice will be hosted a little bit earlier in 2018.

Many participants have expressed interest in wanting the course offered earlier in the year. So, the course is moved earlier in the year to February 12-16, 2018. The weather will be perfect for the half-day "hands-on" field demonstration, focusing on compaction and permeation grouting, penetration of ultrafine cements and chemical grouts, computer monitoring, grout mixing, uses of cellular grouts, overburden and rock drilling methods.

You are welcome in Austin. Major topics including rheological properties of cementitious and chemcial grouts and thier respective applications, grouting of rock under dams, grouting or rick anchors and micropiles, deep mixing, jet grouting, cutoff walls and composite seepage barriers, compaction grouting, slab jacking, grouting for underground structures, overburden and rock drilling methods, and field monitoring/instrumentation will be covered.

More information: here

Source: Cockrell School of Engineering, Texas Engineering Executive Education

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