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ACUUS 2016 in Russia: 15th World Conference of Associated research Centers for the Urban Underground Space: Scientific Committee and Call for Papers

Underground Urbanisation as a Prerequisite for Sustainable Development

The Scientific Committee of the 15th World Conference ACUUS 2016 has been composed by 31 members.

The conference organisers are pleased to report that Scientific Committee of the 15th World Conference of the Associated research Centers for the Urban Underground Space (ACUUS) has been established.

Among committee members are leading experts in the design, construction, operation and exploration of underground structures, honorable representatives of federal and regional authorities, scientists, heads of professional unions, leaders of contracting companies, equipment and material suppliers, consulting and investment companies:

Scientific Committee                

  • Nikolai Bobylev, Russia, Saint Petersburg State University, Associate Professor, Saint Petersburg Research Centre for Ecological Safety of the Russian Academy of Sciences,Lead Scientist
  • Andrey Bokov, Russia, Union of Architects of Russia, president
  • Aleksander Breidburd, Russia, International Association of HDD specialists, President
  • Michel Deffayet, France, CETU Manager
  • Dmitry Golitsinsky, Russia, Petersburg State Transport University, Department “Tunnels and Subways”, Professor
  • Franklin van der Hoeven, Netherlands, TU Delf, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment, Director of Research, Chair of Urban Design, Associate Professor
  • Ian Jefferson, UK, University of Birmingham, Professor
  • Aleksander Karaulov, Russia, Siberian Transport University, Head of the Department “Geology, Foundation engineering"
  • Dimitris Kaliampakos, Greece. ACUUS President, National Technical University of Athens, Dept. of Mining Engineering and Metallurgy, Professor
  • Takayuki Kishii, Japan, ACUUS Director, Nihon University, Professor, Urban Underground Space Center of Japan
  • Evasio Lavagno, Italy, ACUUS Director,Politecnico di Torino, Professor
  • Vladimir Makarov, Russia, Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok, Department of Mining Engineering, School of Engineering, Professor, Doctor of Technical Science
  • Eduardo F.J. De Mulder, Netherlands, Earth Science Matters Foundation, Director
  • Viktor Osipov, Russia, Institute of Geo-ecology of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Director, member of the Academy of Sciences
  • Fang Li Peng, China, Tongji University, Professor, Research Center for Underground Space, Director
  • Gennady Polyankin, Russia, Siberian Transport University, Head of the Department “Tunnels and Subways”
  • Hong Chul Rhim, Korea, Yonsei University, Professor, Research Center for Urban Underground Space, Director
  • Gulnara Roll, Switzerland, Committee on Housing and Land Management the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, Chairman
  • Mohammad Medhi Safaee, Iran, Fanavaran Consulting Engineers, Managing director/Architect
  • Francisco Schmidt, Chile, Architect and planner
  • Kenichi Soga, UK, University of Cambridge Department of Engineering, Professor of Civil Engineering
  • Raymond Sterling, USA, ACUUS Fellow, Louisiana Tech University, Professor Emeritus and Research Professo
  • Markus Thewes, Germany, Ruhr University Bochum, Professor
  • Ilkka Vähäaho, Finland, City of Helsinki, Head of Geotechnical Division, MEng, Chairman of the Finnish Tunnelling Association International Activity Group
  • Aleksander Viktorov, Russia, Saint Petersburg Urban Council, Chairman
  • Johan Visser, The Netherlands, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment of The Netherlands
  • John Zacharias, Canada, ACUUS Director, Peking University, College of Architecture and Landscape, Chair Professor, Laboratory for Urban Process Modelling and Applications, Director
  • Yingxin Zhou, Singapore, ACUUS Vice-president, Defence Science & Technology Agency, Head Engineering (Underground FAcilitis) Building and Infrastructure, Professor
  • Sanja Zlatanic, USA, ACUUS Secretary General, HNTB Corporation, Vice President and Chief Tunnel Engineer

Call for Papers

Abstract submission: November 1, 2015 – January 1, 2016
Deadline for full paper submission: April 30, 2016


  • Urban planning of underground space for comfort living, historic centers preserving, improving environmental situation.
  • Progress of geotechnical surveys for planning underground space development, importance of geotechnics and hydrotechnics for the choice of engineering and design solutions
  • Symbiotic relation between ground urban development, underground infrastructure and nature for creation of a single landscape, aesthetic and comfort of underground structures.
  • Underground metro systems, transport tunnels, integrated interchange hub as a prerequisite for regional development and securing comfort and safe conditions.
  • Underground structures in permafrost, shelf zone development. Energy efficiency of underground structures.
  • Advantages of underground construction for safety and preventive measures from natural disasters. Environmental management and improvement of the environmental quality.
  • Trenchless technology, the role of the underground utility lines in integrated urban underground space development.
  • Strengthening the investment appeal of underground structures by improving legislation and public-private partnership principles and harmonizing technical regulations.
  • State-of-art technologies, equipment and construction materials that are currently in use for underground infrastructure development.

Source: ACUUS Associated research Centers for the Urban Underground Space

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