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All-new AutotriaxQube revolutionizes triaxial Testing Featured

Wykeham Farrance, a division of Controls, is excited to announce the launch of the AutotriaxQube, which is set to revolutionize triaxial testing for laboratories around the world. The all-in-one automatic triaxial testing system has been meticulously designed to make triaxial testing easier than ever before.

The AutotriaxQube integrates the many components of triaxial testing into one, single compact system that’s easy to install and even easier to operate on a daily basis. Occupying less than one square metre, it will fit neatly in any laboratory where space may be at a premium and complement existing testing capability.

Commenting on the launch of the AutotriaxQube, Alessandro Maggioni, Product Manager, said: “From the initial concept and throughout its design we have tried to focus on removing the complexity of the installation, set-up and sample preparation involved in triaxial testing. The system is incredibly easy to install, set-up and operate, and it’s so compact it takes up minimal space within the lab. We’re genuinely excited that this will revolutionize triaxial testing.”

As well as being compact and easy to operate, the AutotriaxQube can also complete the whole test from saturation to failure, in fully automatic mode without any interruption. This saves time, minimizes operator intervention while increasing testing accuracy.

Meanwhile, the system is programmed with standardized test procedures which reduces inconsistencies from operator variables, or other unpredictable external factors. So, there is no need to collect and save data manually, or perform complex calibration procedures, ensuring testing is both accurate and repeatable.

Source: Controls

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