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Australia expects big Benefits from new Positioning System

Geoscience Australia has been trialling its Satellite-Based Augmentation System (SBAS) for the last 18 months. EY has published a report claiming that the tech could be worth A$6bn to the Australian economy if deployed across Australia and New Zealand, promising benefits for the resource sector.


GlobalData's mining technology writer Umar Ali says: "Positioning data is a fundamental part of many modern technologies, used in GPS tracking for smartphones, navigation systems for aircraft and sea vessels, and transportation management infrastructures that connect cities and regions. But how does SBAS work?"

Geosciences Australia spokesperson Dominique Haraldson tells GlobalData: "Google Maps is not a GPS service, but makes use of the information provided by the GPS satellite signal that is received by the location enabled device (i.e. phone, in-car satellite navigation system, etc.). With SBAS, accurate positioning information can be received without the need for mobile phone or internet coverage.
"SBAS will transmit positioning data to users from a geostationary satellite, meaning anyone in Australia's land and maritime zones will have access to more accurate (10 to 50 centimetre) and reliable positioning data.

"In the 2018-19 Federal Budget, the Australian Government announced an investment of A$224.9m to enable precise positioning for Australia. The purpose of the program is to deliver a national capability that accelerates the adoption and development of location-based technology and applications.

"Funding of A$160.9m supports the development of SBAS while a further A$64 million is dedicated to upgrading Australia's ground network through the National Positioning Infrastructure Capability."

Source: GlobalData

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