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Ciel & Terre in Germany: Floating Solar Plant on a Quarry Lake Featured

Maiwald plant – 750 kWp On an operating quarry lake Maiwald plant – 750 kWp On an operating quarry lake Photo: Ciel et Terre International

This summer, a new European country adopted floating solar and chose Ciel & Terre’s Hydrelio solution: Germany. The country is getting interested in the installation of this state-of-the-art technology combining sunray and water. The solar array, located on an Ossola’s GmbH quarry lake and developed by Erdgas Südwest, was inaugurated earlier in the summer. It was, in the meantime, the inauguration of an unprecedented anchoring system on a FPV plant…


Ciel & Terre has breached in a new European market. Its flagship product Hydrelio arrived in Germany. Karlsruhe region inaugurated a 750 kWp floating solar array in July, which is expected to produce 736 MWh per year. The facility provides energy for the pond owner Ossola GmbH’s quarry machines. The excess of electricity produced is re-injected into the local grid.

The achievement of Maiwald FPV plant is the result of a fruitful collaborative effort between Ciel & Terre and German major energy actors. The mining company, Ossola GmbH, commissioned Erdgas Südwest, a EnBW subsidiary (one of the biggest German energy company), to develop and construct the project. Erdgas Südwest chose Ciel & Terre to fully design and supply the floating structure, including the anchorage, which installation was also handled by its experts.

An innovative anchoring system for a challenging site

Owing to the site type – a 40 ha quarry lake – the installation of the floating PV plant was ambitious. Physical and operational constraints particularly questioned the usual anchoring solutions. Among them, gaps dug underwater with variable depths, up to 59m, and another hole planned to be made shortly. To solve this situation, Ciel & Terre issued an unprecedented anchoring solution worldwide: the first parabolic mooring line system. The plant is attached to the banks on three sides and its fourth edge is tied to a cable crossing the pond, which bonds opposite lakeshores.

Design, supply and installation, but not only

The specificity and unicity characterizing this anchorage have led Ciel & Terre to train and propose consulting on this world-premiere floating solar array with a parabolic mooring line. The group is actually widely involved in sharing knowledge with its interlocutors, as part of either the installation process or its training events.


About Ciel & Terre International

Established in 2006 as a specialist in the integration of photovoltaic systems, Ciel & Terre has been fully devoted to floating solar PV since 2011, developing the first patented, and industrialized water-based PV concept: HYDRELIO.  The company was awarded Intersolar Prize 2017 for its innovative technology. In response to land use conflicts, this solution consists of installing PV modules on inland and artificial water bodies to produce energy in a more efficient way. The floating PV group’s activity is fully-integrated, including technical innovation, manufacturing, project development, design, as well as system O&M, financing solutions and consulting activities. So far, the track-record of the company reaches 300 MWp.  


The name OSSOLA represents two major branches of the construction industry. Building materials plants such as the Achern-Maiwald gravel works produce building materials that are mainly used in road construction, such as asphalt, gravel, hard core, sand, crushed stone and ready-mix concrete. The road construction segment builds roads of all kinds and develops construction and industrial areas. OSSOLA GmbH is a member of the Industrieverband Steine und Erden Baden-Württemberg e.V., Ostfildern.

About Erdgas Südwest GmbH

Erdgas Südwest is a service provider with its roots in the region and operations nationwide, based in Ettlingen and Munderkingen. Erdgas Südwest follows the idea of a close and sustainable energy supply with electricity and gas with the motto “Creating a natural future”. Green gases play a key role in the strategic focus on sustainability and renewable energies. Its subsidiaries bmp greengas GmbH, one of Germany’s largest biomethane distributors, and Netze-Gesellschaft Südwest mbH make a vital contribution to the development of such products. In addition, Erdgas Südwest is committed to the Voluntary Ecological Year voluntary service through the ProNatur initiative, with two positions and numerous projects on biodiversity, environmental education and flowering and orchard meadows for genuine environmental protection in the region.

Source: Ciel et Terre International

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