Cossi Costruzioni (Webuild Group) has won three contracts worth a combined

Group expands in road safety and rehabilitation sector in Italy

Cossi Costruzioni (Webuild Group) has won three contracts worth a combined total of €189 million to perform extraordinary maintenance work and upgrade the safety and acoustic barriers on sections of motorway in Genoa, Milan, and between Bologna, Florence and Fiano Romano. The contracts highlight the Group’s interest – and Cossi’s expertise – in the road maintenance sector.

Cossi Costruzioni and partner MGA Manutenzioni Generali Autostrade Srl (owned by Reway Group, the largest Italian operator in road and highway infrastructure maintenance), who had together been identified as the preferred bidders for the contracts in August 2021, won Lot 2 on the Ligurian network worth €49 million, Lot 6 worth €58 million in Milan, and Lot 9 worth €82 million in Lazio and Toscana. Cossi Costruzioni has a 71.5% share  in Lot 2, 76.3% in Lot 6 and 83.2% in Lot 9.

Webuild is using Cossi’s expertise to expand into the road and highway maintenance and rehabilitation business as Italy looks to improve the quality of its motorways. The country’s network is one of the most articulated in the world, with the motorways alone exceeding 7,000 km, and regional and provincial roads more than 15,000 km. There are also 16,000 bridges and viaducts, most of which are more than 50 years of age.

A global leader in the infrastructure sector, Webuild has a track record that includes the construction of more than 80,200 km of roads and motorways, and the excavation of more than 2,300 km of tunnels.

Source: Webuild

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