Deutsche Bahn awards first two Contracts for main Construction Works on Munich’s second Trunk Line

  • Contract section VE 10: “Oberirdisch West”, for the aboveground works between Munich-Laim station and Donnersbergerbrücke
  • Contract section VE 30: “Hauptbahnhof München”, for works around the main railway station including tunnel to Marienhof
  • Total contract value: nearly € 887 million
  • Contracts awarded to bidding consortium of Wayss & Freytag (30 %), Züblin (30 %), Max Bögl (30 %) and Bauer Spezialtiefbau (10 %)

Deutsche Bahn has awarded the first two contracts for the main construction works on S-Bahn Trunk Line 2 in Munich. The companies Wayss & Freytag Ingenieurbau AG, Ed. Züblin AG, Max Bögl Stiftung & Co. KG and Bauer Spezialtiefbau GmbH, in a joint bidding consortium, were awarded the contracts for the main construction works covering the aboveground area from the Munich-Laim station to Donnersbergerbrücke as well as the area around the main station including the tunnel from Donnersbergerbrücke to Marienhof. Both contracts together have a value of nearly € 887 million.

Deutsche Bahn’s Markus Kretschmer, overall project manager for Trunk Line 2 Munich: “I am pleased that we can now award the first contracts for the main construction works. With the bidding consortium, we have gained competent partners for the construction of the second trunk line. Now we can start into the next phase of the construction activities.”

The first contract, VE10 (consortium leader: Züblin), covers the dismantling and new construction of tracks and switches; the new construction of two flyovers; a double-track steel arched bridge; and a noise barrier bridge. Other works include the new construction of additional noise barriers; retaining structures; and the pedestrian, bike and car tunnel in Laim. The package also covers the modernisation of the Laim passenger station as well as electrical works on low- and medium-voltage installations, underground cabling works, and the site preparation for the west portal of the tunnel.

The second contract, VE30 (consortium leader: Wayss & Freytag), comprises the new platform tubes at Munich Central Station, to be excavated under compressed air, including the approximately 40 m deep access structures, as well as the two S-Bahn tubes to Marienhof station with a diameter of about 8.50 m to be constructed with shield machines using the segmental lining method. The overall package also includes extensive ground engineering and water retention works as well as rescue shafts to be dug and constructed vertically from the surface to the underground S-Bahn tubes.

Construction is scheduled to start in 2019. Extensive planning and preparatory

Source: Bauer Group

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