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DMT expands its Business to Raw Materials for Electric Mobility

The German company is supporting Rock Tech Lithium Inc. in the development of the Georgia Lake Lithium project in Canada.

DMT is expanding its activities in the field of raw materials and raw material supply for electric mobility. The technology service provider is currently supporting the Canadian exploration company Rock Tech Lithium Inc. in the development of the Georgia Lake lithium project, with the aim of mining lithium. Lithium is one of the raw materials that play a central role in the development of electric vehicles and is therefore regarded as highly desirable.

Charging station instead of filling station: The trend for electric cars on the international market has been rising steeply for years. But those who rely on electric mobility in the automotive industry also have an increased demand for lithium batteries: together with cobalt and graphite, lithium is one of the elements that make the switch to electromobility possible in the first place. Demand for the raw material is therefore currently rising sharply in the automotive industry, not least also supported by legal restrictions such as the EU regulation on the reduction of CO2 emissions.

As a publicly listed company, RockTech Lithium Inc. attaches great importance to the work and studies being carried out in accordance with the Canadian National Instrument 43-101 - DMT is currently responsible for reassessing resources.

The Georgia Lake Lithium project aims to develop a lithium-rich pegmatite vein deposit for the purpose of mining. The deposit was discovered in the Thunder Bay Mining District in northwestern Ontario, Canada, as early as 1955 and Rock Tech Lithium Inc. has been working increasingly on the exploration of the deposit since summer 2016. An initial evaluation according to NI43-101 was carried out in 2012. DMT is currently commissioned to reassess and evaluate the lithium contents in the deposit. Based on this, DMT will plan, carry out and monitor further investigations. From the data obtained, a Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) study can then be prepared, which demonstrates the recoverability and economic viability of the deposit.

DMT project manager Bernd Teigler is looking forward to working with the German-Canadian exploration company: "As a leading international service provider in the field of raw materials, we are able to cover the latest developments and thus show the automotive industry ways to master the future demand for raw materials".

Source: DMT GmbH & Co. KG

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