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DMT Group Explores Europe’s Geothermal Energy Potential in Development of the European Green Deal Featured

It is always a sensational moment when DMT's vibro trucks, which weigh several tonnes, start moving. It is always a sensational moment when DMT's vibro trucks, which weigh several tonnes, start moving. Credits: DMT

DMT GROUP, a global engineering and consultancy group, is playing a central role in efforts to explore Geothermal energy potential across north-west Europe. DMT is providing expertise in seismic measurement, boreholes and data evaluation to further the ambitions of the European Green Deal.

DMT is committed to working with partners across Europe to harness the region’s untapped renewable energy source and foster the expansion of deep geothermal energy as an environmentally friendly resource. DMT’s work is currently supporting the “Geothermal Paper Drying” research project and the “Deep Geothermal Energy Rollout in North West Europe” (DGE-ROLLOUT).

Deep geothermal energy is one of the most climate-friendly and efficient methods of supplying heating to entire city districts. Demand for heating currently accounts for 53% of the energy consumption of North-West Europe, of which only 2.5% comes from renewable sources. Deep geothermal energy provides a stable and sustainable transition away from oil and gas, and offers enormous potential to help achieve the climate goals of the European Green Deal. 

The Geothermal Paper Drying Project is being carried out by Kabel Premium Pulp & Paper within the framework of the “Kabel ZERO” initiative. The project is assessing the possibility of using geothermal heat from the ground under the city of Hagen to generate a large proportion of the steam used paper manufacturing - around 500,000 megawatt hours annually on the basis of natural gas – and shape the energy transition towards renewables. DMT is supporting this exploration work through geological investigations utilising environmentally-friendly 2D seismic surveys and vibro-trucks to determine deep geothermal energy of the Devonian mass limestones at depths of up to 4,000 metres.

DMT is also supporting the DGE-ROLLOUT, an EU project running from 2018 to 2022 to facilitate the use of deep geothermal energy as a climate friendly resource in North-West Europe. DMT’s experts are harnessing and evaluating data from seismic measurements and deep boreholes up to 50 years old in the Munsterland region in order to determine the geothermal potential in the subsurface. DMT was awarded the tender by the Geological Survey of North Rhine-Westphalia, and is working as one of 20 stakeholders from six countries to make geothermal energy in North-West Europe viable from a technical and economic standpoint, and ensure it is accepted by the wider society.

Silke Bißmann, Geologist and Project Manager at DMT GROUP said: “Deep geothermal energy is vital to our transition away from fossil fuels, and helping global efforts to mitigate climate change. DMT is pleased to be utilising around 30 years’ of international experience in geothermal energy and over 100 years’ experience in resource exploration to provide comprehensive support to several pioneering projects that are changing the game for energy use in North-West Europe. We look forward to continuing working with our project partners and other stakeholders as make progress towards our common mission to harness deep geothermal energy, reduce CO2 emissions, and protect the environment in North-West Europe and beyond.”


Excellence and innovation: that is the commitment of DMT GmbH & Co. KG (DMT GROUP). DMT GROUP is an independent, globally active engineering services and consulting company specialising in the markets of plant and process engineering, infrastructure and civil engineering, natural resources, and energy. The goal of DMT GROUP is to create sustainable value for its clients through a full-service engineering and consultancy offering led by knowledge, digitalisation and internationalisation.

DMT GROUP is headquartered in Essen, Germany, and maintains 13 engineering and consulting companies at 30 locations worldwide. DMT GROUP leads the engineering division of TÜV NORD GROUP, contributing more than 280 years of experience and working and acting in the spirit of partnership and trust to realise hundreds of projects around the globe every year. DMT GROUP’s approach is defined by being solution-orientated and sustainable, ensuring value creation and client success under the guiding principle of Engineering Performance.

Source: DMT

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