Eirich Group acquires Stake in Start-up for Process Digitalization Featured

The fourth industrial revolution is well under way, driving the intelligent networking of machines and processes in factories. Self-learning production systems and machinery are opening up innovative development opportunities for the German mechanical engineering sector that will strengthen its competitive ability even further. Against this background, Eirich is setting a new milestone for the worldwide Eirich Group: A joint venture with the name “Prosio Vision” offers intelligent control technology for the bulk material industry and will serve as the AI center of the Eirich Group.

The Eirich Group, with Maschinenfabrik Gustav Eirich as its strategic center in Hardheim, has been a world leader in mixing and processing technology for more than 100 years. Under the Qualimaster name, Eirich has been offering in-line process monitoring for supplied systems and operations across many industries and processes for decades already.

Working together with Nuremberg start-up Prosio Engineering, Eirich has now developed a new camera-based system, the “Qualimaster VC1”, for the optical quality assessment of granules. The new measuring system combines cutting-edge camera technology with AI-based intelligent analysis software. This allows key variables of granular materials, such as particle size distribution, grain shape and grain surface, to be measured. The data obtained open up many different possibilities in the control of complex production systems for the optimization of product quality and line efficiency. The Qualimaster VC1” is to be developed and marketed in the joint venture which Eirich and Prosio Engineering have just established.

Eirich’s plans, however, go much further: Within the Eirich Group the start-up is to serve as a center for digitalization in the bulk material industry. Both parties have significant contributions to make – on the one side the expertise of young process engineers who have specialized in intelligent analysis systems and AI applications, and on the other the decades of mechanical engineering experience and process know-how of Eirich. The joint venture seeks to drive the intelligent networking of machines and processes in bulk material factories and offer suitable, self-learning solutions.

“Digitalization offers huge potential for boosting the efficiency of many industrial systems and thereby protecting our environment and resources. We are convinced that mechanical and plant engineering must also make an important contribution on the road to the Smart Factory, or Industry 4.0. The Eirich Group will continue to develop globally from a supplier of stand-alone systems and machine-based service all the way to a smart and steady systems partner for plant operators,” says Stephan Eirich, CEO.

In taking this step, Eirich hopes to further consolidate its technology leadership in line with the company’s slogan: “The Pioneer in Material Processing”.

About Maschinenfabrik Gustav Eirich GmbH & Co KG

The EIRICH GROUP is a family operated corporate group in the specialized mechanical engineering field headquartered in Hardheim, in southern Germany. As a worldwide leader in machine manufacturing specializing in resource processing, EIRICH has designed, conceptualized, and produced advanced manufacturing technologies for mixing, granulating, dispersing, kneading, reacting, tempering, and milling since 1963. Under the EIRICH digital label, the corporate group offers a wide range of services covering the entire life cycle of machines, from the online ordering of spare parts through to AI-based wizard systems. With annual sales in excess of EUR 180 million, Eirich is one of the hidden champions in mixing and processing technology. Now in its fifth generation of ownership, the company has some 1,300 employees at 15 locations in twelve countries.

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