Scharf LEVliquid-cooled 90 kW electric motor with 655 Nm of torque, fed by a dielectric-washed 40 kWh battery, with a range of 220 km, will take you anywhere in your mine.

Tektoseal - Active PFAS Pollutant barriers for per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS)

Fugro expands Remote Operations Capability in India Featured

Fugro has announced the opening of a new state-of-the-art Remote Operations Centre (ROC) in India. Fugro currently operates a core global network of eight major Remote Operations Centres ensuring full system redundancy in all parts of the world.

This backbone infrastructure is complemented with several regional ROCs, strategically positioned near Fugro’s major clients and projects. This new regional facility will be known by the name ‘Drishti’, the Sanskrit word for ‘vision’.
The addition of the new Drishti ROC will allow clients in the Middle East and India to benefit from Fugro’s remote inspection and positioning solutions. Until now, Fugro has recorded over 350,000 remote operations project hours, setting new standards for safety and sustainability in land and marine environments.
Assisted by Fugro’s remote operations and support services team, the new regional facility was set up in the record time of just eight weeks. At the opening ceremony, Wim Herijgers, Group Director for Development and Digital Transformation commented: “We are not only aspiring to be the most innovative, fastest-moving agile organisation but, more importantly, the organisation that consistently delivers outstanding value to our clients. The launch of the Remote Operations Centre in India is our commitment to providing continuous, safe, efficient and sustainable operations.”
Through the launching of ‘Drishti’, India leaps forward in offering flexible and scalable services. The ROC in India will operate on a 24-hour basis, ensuring trusted remote support to a variety of projects, starting with remote anchor positioning and remote client solutions.

Source: Fugro

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