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Fugro’s free Seminars reveal the benefits of smart Site Investigation for better Risk and Cost Management of new Infrastructure

Infrastructure professionals can find out how the latest site characterisation strategies and Geo-data sharing platforms are transforming ground risk management in the delivery of major projects as Fugro launches its 2019 UK seminar programme.

Innovation in the acquisition and analysis of Geo-data for the understanding of complex sites is the focus of the opening one-day seminar, ‘Advanced Site Characterisation’, taking place June 4 in London. Fugro experts will discuss how the right ground investigation and expert advice can improve subsurface insight while informing design choices and the management of construction risk. Delegates will hear about the latest thinking and technical advances in dynamic site characterisation - ranging from geophysics, drilling and sampling to cone penetration testing (CPT), laboratory testing and monitoring - and how these can be adapted to site conditions to derive maximum ground clarity and best value.

The seminar series continues on July 4 at Fugro’s Wallingford centre in Oxfordshire with ‘Engineering Geophysics’, a day of talks on the use of geophysics to reduce subsurface uncertainty and manage ground risk. Fugro specialists will explain how surface and downhole techniques can support robust ground models harnessing data on ground strata and properties, contamination, buried utilities, and other critical features and geohazards.

Both events will cover established and new site investigation techniques and will discuss ways of reducing ground uncertainty and managing risk; the evolution of ‘light footprint’ methods and non-intrusive data acquisition to minimise environmental impact in both land and shallow water sites; and the fast, flexible delivery of actionable Geo–data to the whole project team via powerful, online portals.

Source: Fugro

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