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G.U.B. finishes successfully courses on „sustainable mining“ in Cambodia

G.U.B. finishes successfully courses on „sustainable mining“ in Cambodia G.U.B. finishes successfully courses on „sustainable mining“ in Cambodia G.U.B. finishes successfully courses on „sustainable mining“ in Cambodia

The multi-session event „Sustainable Mining in Cambodia” ended last week with final lectures at the University of Battambang and at the Institute for Technology in Phnom Penh. Upcoming mining activities in Cambodia on gold, corundum, iron, alumina, copper, hard coal and rare earth elements alongside with the expected impacts on environment were again subject of professional exchange.

For the final lectures the focus was laid on hard coal, CCS technology, rare earth elements, pits and quarries and uranium ore mining.

Mrs. Dr.-Ing. Beate Trost and Mrs. M.Sc. Romy Schulze of G.U.B. Ingenieur AG welcomed again an interested group of mining students, agricultural students and geology students, as well as members of local environmental authorities and of the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Energy in Cambodia.

We would like to thank Mrs. Ava from UBB as well as Dr. Nimol and Mr. Samnaeang from ITC for their kindly cooperation in preparing the events over the last year. Warm and special thanks to Mr. Phalla, Mr. Rithy and Mr. Kim Heng from COMPED again for the excellent preparation and organization of our journey through the country and for exchange with the universities, hotels and local authorities.

The PPP project “Sustainable Mining in Cambodia” was supported by DEG - German Development Association. Nevertheless, this specific project of G.U.B. Ingenieur AG in Cambodia and Laos is not finished yet. Our team of the foreign department is now writing a textbook on the topics of the courses held since 2013. It will then be distributed at the specific universities and colleges of both countries.



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