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Genoa Bridge in Italy

The race continues on the construction of the Genoa Bridge: parallel works to prepare the next operations to raise the deck. Unique fast track model to quickly deliver the bridge to the city of Genoa

The new Genoa Bridge continues its race against time. The construction site, after delivering all the piers, will now focus on the next operations that will raise the third 100-metre deck, so that the bridge reaches 750 m in length, as it passes over the railway line, with the completion of the preparatory works to build the areas where the large self-propelled vehicles that will move the deck will be located, preparing the works related to the slab of the sections already completed.

This fast track model, which allows work to be carried out at the same time in the various areas of the construction site (sub-foundations, pier foundations, pier elevation, deck raising and the completion of the superstructures) will be used during this phase to prepare the area for the final stage of the elevation of the new deck. The setting-up of a "mobile structure" in the construction site area, which was already used as the area to place the deck portions for their assembly when the piers were being built whilst preparing for the deck's raising, will now be used to manage the delicate operations to move and raise the deck at height.

The activities managed by the PerGenova joint venture which includes Salini Impregilo and Fincantieri, are carried out in a very complex urbanized context, with four main north-south connecting roads, the active railway line and the Polcevera River, entailing the management of nearly 80 interferences and pre-existing subservices during the bridge's construction. Each process must therefore be carefully analysed and planned with the precision of a Swiss chronometer, to minimize the potential risk of error.

During the ongoing planning of the completion of the new high-altitude activities, Salini Impregilo is also organizing the complex activities to prepare the bridge's slab: 8,000 cubic meters of concrete worked, simultaneously, from the ends of the bridge towards its centre, with a continuous 24/7 concrete casting activity for about 7-8 days, more than halving the usual production times, through carefully planned management activities, also on a logistical level.

The final instalment of the road platform will be carried out on the finished slab, together with all the remaining works of the infrastructure and those concerned with its operational safety, thereby completing the activities in a construction site whose fast track model consisted in the commencement of works on the first foundation on June 24, 2019, followed by the subfoundations, foundations and elevations in just a few months, with an average of 3 piers per month.

Source: Salini Impregilo

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