Genoa Model narrated in the immersive Multimedia Room

“We are emerging from an epochal economic crisis. Italy needs tangible, immediate measures to create jobs and employment, which are key sustainability issues that all of Europe needs now. Businesses play a central role in defining the industrial model required to initiate a lasting, shared recovery, in this unique economic moment. The Genoa Bridge experience has shown us how.

We need to quickly start works and begin accurate infrastructure maintenance plans in a widespread form, throughout the country. We must manage our system's weaknesses, investing in training, accelerating simplification, and spending the available resources quickly and well, in total transparency. We must remove the structural obstacles linked to the system of guarantees, and the lack of contractual price revisions, which in this phase of rising raw material costs, represent a serious production slow-down".

This is how Pietro Salini, the CEO of Webuild, the company that built the new Genoa Bridge, spoke at the “The New San Giorgio Bridge in Genoa: reasons for success and replicability of the model" round table on the Genoa Model, held in the Ligurian capital, as part of the 2021 G20 High-Level Conference on Local Infrastructure Investment Summit, the G20 Infrastructure Working Group meeting in Genoa. The event, organized by the Italian G20 Presidency, the Municipality of Genoa and the Istituto Affari Internazionali, was an opportunity for reflection, with regard to the Genoa Model, between institutions and companies that collaborated on the construction of the new bridge, built in just a year of work by Webuild. A work that has become a symbol of a new collaborative approach for quickly creating sustainable and quality works. A model that Webuild is already replicating in other projects underway in the country, together with some of the companies in the Group's supply chain which in Italy amount to 7,000 suppliers.

"Italy has the tools and skills to maximize the potential offered by the European recovery plans, which must be integrated with the additional tools and resources available to the country, to seize the opportunities for a fast, sustainable and lasting recovery", continued Salini. “The new Genoa bridge shows that we are able to meet this challenge. Webuild, together with the entire supply chain, with the Reconstruction Commissioner, Fincantieri, Italferr and Rina, created a cutting-edge work, in quality, sustainability, and safety terms. And we did it very well, and in record time, in compliance with European rules. This virtuous model, which worked in Genoa, can be replicated, if we apply an extended collaborative approach when we build our works based on a correct performance remuneration, balanced risk sharing, and an integrated project team. Public and private cohesion, to restart, is what Italy really needs now".

Source: Webuild

Webuild set up and made it possible to visit an immersive multimedia room, called the "The Genoa Model", as part of the event, with the Municipality of Genoa, to let everyone experience again the most important and transparent construction stages of the new Genoa bridge This immersive virtual story narrates the choral effort of a construction site, of a city, and of a whole country (access link to the dedicated section of the site, available here).

Webuild is a global leader in the sustainable infrastructure sector. With a presence in 50 countries, and a track record that includes the construction of approximately 80,300 km of roads and motorways, and 946 km of bridges and viaducts. The Webuild Group has gained experience in building around 300 major road and rail works with bridges and viaducts, globally, and has already built iconic works like the Sydney Metro Northwest Skytrain Viaduct in Australia, and the iconic Third Bosphorus Bridge in Turkey, true innovation icons.

Source: Webuild

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