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Genoa’s new Bridge: Work pursues its Course on site strictest Measures adopted for Workers’ Safety

Work at the construction site of Genoa’s new bridge is pursuing its course following the completion of the piers and the installation of 750 m of the deck with the hoisting of the latest section over the railway. It is being done while rigorously respecting the strictest safety measures for workers and applying the most rigid regulations to protect the health of all direct and indirect employees.

The discovery of the first case of coronavirus – concerning a worker from the Fagioli company – has seen the regional health authorities help identify those who were in close contact with the infected person and immediately deploy measures to disinfect the areas where they worked as well as the tools and vehicles that they used. As an extra safety precaution, those who were in close contact with the infected person are not returning to the construction site, but Fagioli is ensuring that its work continues by sending other workers who had not recently been at the site.

The construction site has immediately adopted strict measures for the projection of everyone, such as measuring the body temperature of every worker who enters the site, distributing hand sanitizers and installing disinfectant gel dispensers, enforcing the safe distance rule, cleaning and disinfecting work sites and common areas, and reducing the number of people who can travel in the same vehicle to and from the construction site. In addition, all workers have protection masks whose use is compulsory where they are close to their colleagues. These measures are but a summary of what has been adopted at the construction site to confront this health emergency.

The construction of the bridge, which is being done by a joint-venture between Salini Impregilo and Fincantieri, is thanks to the commitment and sense of responsibility shown by everyone working at the site in full respect of the strict safety protocol. The companies involved in the bridge’s construction join the Genovese in thanking all the workers involved, including those from Cossi Costruzioni of the Salini Impregilo Group, who are performing civil works and earth-moving activity.

Meanwhile, Salini Impregilo (Webuild) is expressing its solidarity with the communities where it works by donating to regions including Liguria 70,000 FF2 masks to be used by the most vulnerable. In addition, the bridge under construction is lit up every evening at 7:30 p.m. with the Bridge of Light: laser beams evoking Italy’s tricolor flag in support of the country and Genoa during this unprecedented emergency. This daily initiative, which evokes the full length of the completed bridge, is intended to send to Genoa a message of hope with a concerted push forward to face as a united country this latest crisis. It also acts as a reminder of how Italy has always found the resources to overcome the crises it has faced, able to start again with force and courage.

Source: Salini Impregilo

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