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Greener Tunnelling for London’s super Sewer

The Thames Tideway Tunnel reached a significant milestone as the final tunnel boring machine (TBM) Selina broke ground to the east of Chambers Wharf on 8 January.

Tunnelling from Chambers Wharf towards Abbey Mills (Stratford) will connect into the Lee Tunnel towards Beckton. The TBM Annie, began tunnelling in Greenwich last December and will bore the connection tunnel into the main Thames Tideway Tunnel at Bermondsey (Chambers Wharf). Both tunnelling machines arrived by sea and Selina travelled up the River Thames, before being lowered into shafts.

Thames Water’s largest infrastructure project investment will install a new urgently needed sewer to protect the tidal River Thames from pollution and to modernise London’s Victorian sewerage network. It is a large complex programme to give the capital city a safer and more environmentally sustainable water infrastructure.

In 2015, Costain was awarded the £605 million contract for the East works package of the Thames Tideway Tunnel in London in Joint Venture (‘JV’) with Vinci Construction Grands Projets and Bachy Soletanche Ltd (‘CVB’). The programme remains on schedule despite the challenges faced in 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions and the additional safety measures to keep the team safe. The team’s success is underpinned by their maturity in the use of digital technology, including social distancing watches and digital collaboration tools.

Source: Costain

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