Grontmij wins EON Nordic Framework Agreement for Engineering Services

Grontmij, a listed consulting & engineering company with a strong European presence, has been appointed by EON Nordic to deliver a broad range of engineering services under a new framework agreement. Grontmij will help EON to further improve energy production and supply to almost one million customers in Sweden and Denmark. The 2.5-year agreement deepens the long-standing relationship between EON and Grontmij.

The assignments for EON Nordic cover a broad range of disciplines, ranging from construction engineering and fire safety to process expertise and project management. The framework agreement gives Grontmij the opportunity to expand its service offering to all of EON’s business areas throughout the entire value chain for electricity, gas and heat.

Grontmij has worked with EON throughout Europe for many years, providing services in Scandinavia, the Benelux, Germany and the UK. In Sweden, Grontmij was closely involved in the remodelling and renovation of the Öresundsverket, a combined heat and power plant in Malmö.

Leading experts in energy

Energy is one of Grontmij’s five key focus areas, besides Water, Sustainable Buildings, Highways & Roads and Light Rail. Grontmij is well positioned within the European energy sector and will continue to grow its position in bio- and waste-energy and other plants, thermal energy conversion, grid infrastructure and district heating. Through the Group’s accumulated expertise, Grontmij is increasingly bringing together teams from around Europe with tailored expertise for specific projects.

Source: Grontmij

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