GSE Environmental introduces the next Generation of Capping Systems

Patented innovative synthetic grass capping system GSE LiteEarth Patented innovative synthetic grass capping system GSE LiteEarth

GSE Environmental, a leading global manufacturer and marketer of geosynthetic products and solutions, announces the launch of GSE LiteEarth, a patented synthetic grass capping system developed for long-term closure of solid and hazardous waste landfills, coal ash impoundments, mining containment sites, and more. The LiteEarth system provides an economical alternative to traditional capping systems that require 3 to 5 feet of soil, infill, and grass. Eliminating these materials not only reduces the cost of design, construction, and natural resources, but it saves thousands of dollars per acre every year in maintenance costs.

GSE LiteEarth consists of an EPDM geomembrane factory bonded to synthetic grass manufactured with a UV stabilizer to help retain its color and tensile properties. The system installs quickly and easily using trenchless earth anchors and a simple seaming process that does not require welding, stitching or sand ballast.

GSE formed a strategic alliance with LiteEarth to bring this innovative product to market after years of testing by independent labs. Said LiteEarth director, Chuck Fleishman, “LiteEarth is the next-generation capping solution, and is excited to partner exclusively with a major go-to-market manufacturer that’s been historically innovative in the geosynthetic industry. We needed a market leader with strength to position LiteEarth in the market. GSE’s technical and engineering expertise will help specifiers and end users to better understand the dynamic value of LiteEarth.”

GSE Environmental is a global manufacturer and marketer of geosynthetic barrier systems, stabilization products, and drainage systems used for the containment and management of solids, liquids and gases for organizations engaged in civil engineering projects, waste management, mining, water, wastewater and aquiculture. GSE's principal products are polyethylene-based geomembranes, geonets, geocomposites, geosynthetic clay liners, concrete protection liners and vertical barriers. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, USA, GSE maintains sales offices throughout the world and manufacturing facilities in the US, Germany, Thailand, China and Egypt.

Source: GSE Environmental

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