Hatch hosts Technology Day, successfully celebrating a full Decade in Saskatchewan in Canada

Hatch, a global industry leader offering comprehensive strategies in mining and metals, infrastructure, and energy, celebrated 10 successful years in Saskatchewan in Canada with an event for clients and industry leaders.

The Saskatchewan Technology Day was a full-day event meant to bring experts from the clients across the region together with global and local experts within Hatch to discuss new digital technologies and how they are being used to bring real value to the clients’ businesses. The event had more than 100 attendees, including representatives from client organizations, global experts, and local Hatch staff.

It’s been an exciting 10 years in Saskatchewan. Hatch has been proud to be a part of some tremendous projects with our clients, including a major program of projects for Mosaic, including the K1 and K2 expansion project at their Esterhazy site and work at their Belle Plaine site. Hatch has also worked alongside other clients such as Evraz and Cameco, including a major project at their McArthur River uranium mine. And Hatch is hard at work on the Jansen potash mine for BHP and Mosaic’s latest Esterhazy K3 expansion project.

Over the decade Hatch has grown closer to the clients’ businesses and is now supporting them with sustaining capital projects and business advisory services, in addition to the major projects.

At the Saskatchewan Technology Day, attendees had an opportunity to experience an immersive visual approach to the technologies being implemented, shared through booths that featured the latest in Hatch’s virtual reality offering and Microsoft’s HoloLens. Presentations on artificial intelligence, digital transformation, and digital project delivery further highlighted these global advances in technology. Other sessions included “Indigenous Engagement on Projects,” “A Modern Approach to Asset Management,” and “Cloud-Based Data Analytics and Predictive Maintenance.” The day wrapped up with a plenary session to discuss questions, queries, and issues that were raised during the event.

After the sessions, attendees celebrated the day and Hatch’s successful decade in Saskatchewan with an evening social.

“We wanted an opportunity for a range of colleagues from within Hatch and our client organizations to come together and share ideas to solve some of the toughest challenges facing our projects here in Saskatchewan. The day was an enormous success and we look forward to hosting similar events again in the future,” said Mike Fedoroff, global director, Potash and a regional director in Saskatchewan.

Source: Hatch

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