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Hatch LTK celebrates 100th Anniversary

Hatch LTK a global powerhouse in transportation engineering with specialized expertise in transit, vehicles, and systems, has celebrated its 100th anniversary on Monday, March 15.

The company was founded in Philadelphia, PA in 1921 by Louis Tobias Klauder, who was the sole employee at the time. Over the years, the firm grew to more than 450 employees in 23 offices spread over four countries, including China and Australia. In November of 2020, LTK merged with Hatch, a global engineering, project management, and professional services firm with 9,000-plus employees in the mining, infrastructure, and energy sectors.

Hatch LTK’s centennial commemoration will continue throughout 2021 as the company highlights key moments in its history, hosts events for employees and clients, and conducts community service projects.

“As we celebrate the firm’s 100th anniversary, we look back with pride at our substantial accomplishments,” said Dominic DiBrito, Hatch’s managing director, Infrastructure, USA. “We have connected communities, which has allowed individuals to commute to better jobs. We have helped transform urban design by developing crucial transit corridors. And, we’ve played a significant role in reducing climate change by helping to provide more efficient transportation options.

“Through all of this, we have remained close to the communities we serve, giving back by volunteering, and supporting local philanthropic causes. Now, having joined the Hatch family, we look forward with great anticipation to the next 100 years. Together, there is nothing we can’t achieve.”

John Bianchini, Hatch’s chairman and CEO added: “As we reflect on Hatch LTK’s 100 years and the impacts that we’ve created during that time, we’re inspired to continue to build on that legacy to create unprecedented outcomes for our clients by partnering with them to develop better ideas for many years to come. Combining the LTK transit team with Hatch’s global multidisciplinary staff with broad design and construction experience in freight rail, transit, and port infrastructure yields a premier service offering to all of our clients. Together, we’ll continue tackling the toughest challenges facing our communities now and into the future.”

Source: Hatch

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