Infrastructure: Salini - a long-term Vision to promote Investments

A long-term vision for infrastructure, and a regulatory system that serves the sector's transparency and profitability, to also ride the wave of recovery in Italy. This is the formula needed to promote economic growth and innovation in the infrastructure sector, according to Salini Impregilo CEO Pietro Salini, as stated during the 24th Assiom Forex Congress, which took place in Verona on February 10.

“I am extremely hopeful when I look at the signs of global recovery around me, said Mr Salini. May this recovery also take place in Italy, through a medium-to-long term vision, capable of allowing the economic system to grow again strongly. This new vision must follow the results that our economy reached during these last years. This was possible thanks to the leadership of an entrepreneurial class that discovered new roads that fostered growth, even abroad. But also, due to a banking system that managed to renew itself, to support companies during this growth path”.

“We must all operate within a context with a long-term programmatic vision, but also with a stable and foreseeable regulatory framework, to promote invested capital remuneration forecasts" said Mr Salini. This is something that would make the infrastructure sector seem more attractive even to private investors, especially in terms of sovereign wealth funds and pension funds. These investors would be interested in investing in strategic works even in Italy, as they are looking for assets capable of guaranteeing constant returns, with a certain medium-to-long term outlook.

 “As an entrepreneur - continued Mr Salini - I hope for a regulatory system that serves project delivery purposes, and which focuses on three main key drivers. The first concerns system simplification to safeguard performance targets, but also behavioural regulation. The second concerns the need to clearly define responsibilities, especially how roles and responsibilities are divided between local bodies and the central government. The third concerns time guarantees, to simplify authorization procedures and to guarantee that these are carried out within the set time frames. This will safeguard the client, the construction company and the territory”.

Transport, energy and ICT infrastructure represent a qualifying factor for the economy, and for the structure around which a country develops. This is why infrastructure is central to the Agenda for Sustainable Development: Goal # 9, in fact, deals with building resilient infrastructure.

Source: Salini Impregilo

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