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International Tunnel Boring Seminar attracted top TBM Technology Experts to Vantaa, Finland

In the picture: Markku Oksanen, Timo Saanio and Peter Vesterbacka (Photo: Pöyry Plc) In the picture: Markku Oksanen, Timo Saanio and Peter Vesterbacka (Photo: Pöyry Plc)

The Tunnel Boring Seminar was organised in cooperation by Pöyry, A-Insinöörit and Finest Bay Area Development and focused on TBM technology and its potential for Helsinki-Tallinn tunnel project.

Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) technology was discussed in Pöyry House, Vantaa from different perspectives in the First International Tunnel Boring Seminar on 3-4 September 2018. There were tunnelling experts from Pöyry and A-Insinöörit, as well as experts of underground structures and TBM method from all over the world. Special focus was to discuss how TBM technology can be used in the Helsinki-Tallinn tunnel project run by Peter Vesterbacka.

TBM technology is about boring the whole tunnel profile width at once. At the same time, the required concrete elements to support and seal the walls can be installed. TBM technology is planned to be used for Helsinki-Tallinn tunnel project, for the first time in Finland in this scale. Traditionally, the drill and blast method has been the main tunnelling technique used in Finland.

"The construction period of this project will be exceptionally short. This is one reason for using TBM technique for a significant part of the tunnel, as it enables faster progress than drill and blast method. TBM method is also safe, and especially on the Estonian side, where the soil is soft and groundwater problem is obvious, TBM is the only reasonable solution", says Markku Oksanen, President of Pöyry's Infra, Water and Environment Business Group, Northern Europe.

"Helsinki-Tallinn tunnel is super interesting. The project is massive. We are connecting two countries closely together with the world's longest undersea railway tunnel. Even though we have contributed to hundreds of underground structures before, this rises in many ways above others. The project is already raising interest around the world, as we see from the fact that the world's top experts came to our seminar in Finland. What also makes this project special is the way we have run it from the beginning, being open-minded towards new ways of doing things", says Timo Saanio, Export Director and Chief Customer Officer at A-Insinöörit.

"The event was a great success. We learned a lot about TBM technologies and tunnel engineering and construction. Very good for the project", says Peter Vesterbacka from Finest Bay Area Development Oy.

Artificial islands speed up the excavation process

Artificial islands play an important role in engineering the tunnel. As the tunnel excavation gets started not only from the end stations in Finland and Estonia, also from the two artificial islands into two directions, the boring proceeds towards multiple directions simultaneously. This speeds up the boring schedule. In addition, the islands act as a place for the approximately 80 million square meters of rock and soil that is going to be excavated for the tunnel.

About Pöyry

Pöyry is an international consulting and engineering company. Pöyry serves clients across power generation, transmission & distribution, forest industry, biorefining & chemicals, mining & metals, infrastructure and water & environment and delivers smart solutions and works with the latest digital innovations. Pöyry's net sales in 2017 were EUR 522 million. The company's shares are quoted on Nasdaq Helsinki. Approximately 5500 experts. 40 countries. 115 offices.

In 2018 Pöyry is proud to be celebrating its 60th Anniversary, together with employees, clients and partners.

About A-Insinöörit

A-Insinöörit firmly believes that success is built together. The partner-led group is an innovator and a pioneer in the fields of construction management, structural engineering, infrastructural engineering, underground structures and nuclear-waste management. Our teams are formed by experienced professionals and enthusiastic, hungry newcomers whose skills mutually complement each other. What they all have in common is passion for producing a world-class customer experience. They celebrate their successes together.

About Finest Bay Area Development Oy

The company is planning and developing a railway tunnel between Helsinki and Tallinn.

Source: Pöyry Plc

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