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Keliber decides to increase Production Capacity and relocate the Future Concentration Plant

Keliber announced that through a review of its production plans, the company will be able to increase its annual lithium hydroxide production from 12,500 tonnes to 15,000 tonnes in its future mine and lithium concentration plant. In addition, the company has chosen to locate the future concentration plant to the Päiväneva area, which is located in the mining area approximately 10 km northeast from the nearest municipality, Kaustinen in Finland.

Increasing the production capacity and locating the concentration plant to the mining area will significantly improve the company's cost efficiency and return on investment according to the company´s estimate.

The production capacity of lithium hydroxide can be increased approximately by 20 % subsequently to the increased ore reserves published in December 2019.

Relocating the concentration plant to the mining area has many advantages as it reduces traffic volumes and improves logistics costs. It also reduces noise and dust emissions caused by transportation. The effects of centering the operations on nature values will be investigated. Keliber is preparing a new environmental impact assessment report (EIA report) for the concentration plant and the mine site in Päiväneva area. Assessment related to Vionneva's Natura 2000 area will also be updated.

The company's lithium deposits and future mines are located in Kaustinen, Kokkola and Kruunupyy. The ore from the mines will be processed in the concentration plant located in Päiväneva in Kaustinen and further processed into lithium hydroxide in the chemical plant located in the Kokkola Industrial Park.

“We will continue to carefully review the relocation of the concentration plant and will ensure that the environmental impact of our operations is kept to a minimum. The new location of the concentration plant is next to our largest ore deposit and centralization is an advantage both for our operations and for the environment,” says Hannu Hautala, CEO of Keliber.

Source: Keliber

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