Keliber has received the Mining Permit for the Rapasaari Mining Area in Finland Featured

The Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes) has granted a mining permit for the Rapasaari mining area on 23 March 2022.

Tukes has granted a mining permit for Keliber’s Rapasaari mining area under the Mining Act 621/2011. The Rapasaari mining area was established under Section 19 of the Mining Act.

The mining permit was applied for the mining of lithium ore from the Rapasaari deposit and for the placement of a concentrator plant in the nearby situated Päiväneva area. The Rapasaari deposit is located only 2 km southeast of Keliber’s Syväjärvi deposit, for which the mining permit became legally valid in January 2019. These two deposits comprise 82% of Keliber's current ore reserves.

"We are pleased with the decision made by Tukes. The Rapasaari mining permit is a significant part of the large-scale permit processes for the lithium project. Each permit takes us towards our goal of producing lithium hydroxide responsibly and profitably from our own ore in 2024," says Hannu Hautala, CEO.

The permit is not yet legally valid.

Source: Keliber

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