Mining Know-how for Wastewater Treatment Plant

4-fold chain band with hook-in scrapers and HB - split sprockets - Reverse axis, tensionable 4-fold chain band with hook-in scrapers and HB - split sprockets - Reverse axis, tensionable Photo: H&B
  • Upgraded chain conveyors guarantee maximum operational safety and sustainable water protection.

The maintenance and optimisation of the chain conveyors of the sludge dewatering system of the Arnsberg-Wildshausen sewage treatment plant by the companies Halbach & Braun Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. and Eickhoff Antriebstechnik GmbH will significantly increase operational safety and sustainable water protection.

The Ruhrverband operates a sewage treatment plant for 98,000 population equivalents in Arnsberg-Wildshausen. It treats the wastewater of up to 40,000 inhabitants and a paper mill. It treats about 25,000 m³ (25 million litres) of water per day. The wastewater is cleaned mechanically, biologically and chemically. In the digesters for anaerobic treatment of the sewage sludge, methane gas is produced which is converted into electricity in a combined heat and power plant. The digested sludge must then be dewatered and transported away. Up to now, two chain scraper conveyors have been used for this purpose, which have repeatedly caused operating shutdowns.

4-fold chain band with hook-in scrapers and HB - split sprockets - Drive shaft

In order to increase the operational safety and to avoid the downtimes, the Ruhrverband contacted the companies Eickhoff and Halbach & Braun. The companies Eickhoff, a specialist in the field of drive technology, and Halbach & Braun, with 100 years of experience in the field of scraper chain conveyors - conveying a wide variety of bulk materials, developed a solution together with the Ruhrverband to exclude future operational downtimes of the existing plant. In particular, the drive power and chain strength were increased in order to put an end to the constant overload of the conveyor system. During the realisation of the project, special attention was paid to costs and the use of as many conveyor parts as possible that were still intact. Thanks to the close cooperation of the Ruhrverband with the companies Halbach & Braun and Eickhoff, it was possible to meet all the association's wishes and to put a now reliable, powerful and operationally safe system into operation.

Source: H&B

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